Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February's Finest: Toscana Boardroom Tables by Mayline

In honor of the month of February, we thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to showcase one of the loveliest office furniture lines out there. The Toscana collection by Mayline offers traditionally styled boardroom tables sure to make any guest executive swoon. These tables are filled to the brim with exquisite looks boasting a classical appeal. Today's post will highlight some of the biggest reasons why they are always welcome in virtually every office conference area that wants to impress!


Toscana Conference Table by Mayline

It only takes one glance to see the gorgeous appeal of Toscana tables by Mayline. In conference environments where executives are constantly striving to achieve the admiration of guests, the way an office looks can often make all the difference. With models like the TC96 8' Rectangular Toscana Conference Table by Mayline, it's easy to see how the brilliant finish contributes to the classic look. traditionally styled tables like these make excellent additions to high end conference areas in law offices, firms, and antique buildings alike.


Toscana Small Rectangular Conference Table by Mayline

As if the style weren't already enough, the craftsmanship of Toscana tables goes above and beyond what most other manufacturers would attempt. All Toscana tables, including the TC26 Large Rectangular Conference Table by Mayline, are crafted of beautiful hardwood. The tables feature inlays and cross-directional veneers for the ultimate in sophisticated design. In addition to all of this, the tables also feature wood aprons under the surface and modesty panels for a delightfully old-school appeal. Buyers will be hard pressed to find tables with greater care put into their manufacture than the Toscana series. 


Toscana Table Finish Close Up

Nothing sings the virtues of the Toscana collection quite like its finish. Mayline offers these wood boardroom tables use in both mahogany and sierra cherry. Each tone is paired with a darker color to create a beautiful gradient that contributes to the classic vintage look. The result creates tables that seem to glow internally with an inner light, making them perfect for luxury conference areas that rely on impression to make their mark.


Toscana Round Wood Conference Table by Mayline

In addition to everything else, the Toscana series is probably one of Mayline's most versatile collections. It may not seem feasible, but Toscana tables actually are available in every size from petite to moderate to large to the incredible hulk! It's true. In this collection, tables start from small round meeting tables for office use, perfect in tiny conference rooms, break rooms, and lunch areas. They grow in size until you have tables like the TC30 Large Rectangular Boardroom Table by Mayline almost thirty feet in length! As such, the Toscana collection is capable of filling the needs of just about every office, be it small or wide.


Mayline Toscana Collection

For all the reasons listed above, the Toscana series is one of the most convenient collections Mayline has to offer. The classic vintage style and craftsmanship turn any drab office into a place of professional business. The stunning finish on every Toscana table makes interiors glow. And as if all that weren't enough, Mayline Toscana tables are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit just about anywhere. The collection even boasts accessories like the TCWB Mayline Toscana White Board Cabinet, which combines the modern advent of the whiteboard for presentations and note-taking with the traditional style we've come to recognize in this great collection. The Toscana series is a professional furniture set that always deserves an appraising glance!
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