Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Effectively Furnish Your Small Office

Any interior designer can tell you that decorating is no picnic. There's all sorts of things to account for, including style, space, and functionality of the products chosen. In office environments, this is especially true. If that office has limited space, everything has to be considered twice to make sure all the puzzle pieces can fit together. Still, if this sounds like a burden, don't sweat it. Here's some effective tips to help you furnish your own small office!

Maximize Your Wall Space

Mayline Napoli Series Mahogany Executive Desk

Smart designers build up rather than out when decorating small spaces. This is because, when a place is tight on square footage, stacking takes up much less space than spreading around. Choosing storage products that either mount to or stay flush up against a wall help to free up more space in a small office. Desks like the ones from the stylish Napoli collection by Mayline make amazing desks for saving space. Choosing used ergonomic office accessories for sale saves money as well as room. Some great products that can make all the difference in a compact environment include things like overhead storage cabinets, hutches, affordable corner desks for office use, and stylish wall desks that stay out of the way. All of these things make use of wall space, leaving the interior of a room free for activity and movement.

Choose Modular Products

Cherryman Amber Series Executive Desk Station

In a tiny office environment, modular products can make all the difference in the efficiency and productivity of your office. This is a style of furniture that has become extremely popular in business environments all over the nation because of it's space-saving abilities. The design relies on the keeping of everything at arm's reach. Say goodbye to the days when you had to walk across the office for a file or a purchase order. With stylish modular workstations for office use, drawers, hutches, and other storage devices are all just a swivel away for those sitting in chairs.

Buy a Versatile Office Chair

Eurotech Chakra Ergonomic Office Chair

Unfortunately for new decorators, office chairs are often considered a trivial thing. They are usually an afterthought, bought only when everything else is in place to make sure the chair matches with the rest of the office decor. What most decorators don't realize however is that a chair is one of the most important pieces of an office setup. Buying quality executive office chairs with versatility right off the bat is one of the best ways to ensure your office is a comfortable, inviting workspace. Those with back pain, joint problems, or other common office aches can always benefit from the addition of modern desk chairs with ergonomic features to their office. Many chairs are specially designed to help relieve specific ailments for an affordable price. All it takes is some looking around.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Stylish Office

No one likes a drab room. A space that is boring to look at is boring to be in, and when walls are left bare, it can depress the occupants. Focus is maintained by stimulation. Studies show that when employees have things to look at, they feel more energized. One of the best ways to ensure that your space is habitable is to decorate the walls with art. Colorful pictures, black and white, real-life or painting, it doesn't matter as long as there is something to entertain the eyeballs when they need a break from the computer screen. If you can't afford fancy art, plants are another great way to enliven an office space. Many varieties like golden pothos, gardenias, and spider plants have even proved adept at removing harmful substances like VOCs from the air. They are a great option for the elderly or anyone that cannot afford healthy air purifiers for office use. Both are great ways to leave an office feeling energized and inviting in a small space.

Trick the Eye

Calico Designs Jameson LS Work Center

In a small space, dark colors are usually a no-no. Large slabs of furniture with heavy pigment have a tendency to cut off view, often making a space seem much smaller than it actually is. One great way to solve this issue is to go light, literally! A well-lit space will often seem much more welcoming than a place that's dark and dreary. Some good colors to go with on the walls are white, a light cream color, or sky blue to give the illusion of bigger space. An even more effective method of tricking the eye is to use glass. Because they're see-through, glass office desks typically trick the eye into thinking a space is much bigger than it actually is. They make great, effective ways to furnish that are sure to turn a few heads.

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