Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Great Ways to Increase Office Storage

Finding places to put things can be a tough problem in an office space. Over the years, papers, books, notes, and files have a tendency to build up, resulting in the efficient person's worst nightmare - clutter. Having a jumbled office can hamper overall productiveness and turn work in to a grueling task. Rather than wading through the swamp of mess though, a great way to clean up a space is to incorporate more storage. Here are some amazing solutions to save your office from clutter chaos.

Storage Cabinets

Sometimes adding a simple storage cabinet is all it takes to turn an office from a disaster zone into a place where productiveness can flourish. Adding large cabinets for office storage is one of the best solutions for many because they typically offer an efficient way to shelve items of all different shapes and sizes. Rather than leave things out in the open for all to see, office storage cabinets give users the opportunity to hide things through the use of doors. They leave offices with a cleaner look and the user a greater sense of privacy when compared to other office storage items. Cabinets are often available in either wood, metal, or some other type of material, and they're offered in numerous sizes to fit with the spacial and decor needs of any office environment. They are an effective, age-old solution that isn't likely to disappear anytime soon.


Whether you love books or just need some more shelf space, wood bookcases for home and business use offer excellent storage capabilities. They are the ideal solution for anyone renting a space because they offer shelving that doesn't damage walls. Bookcases can also usually support more than the typical wall-mounted shelving option because the sides of the bookcase lend extra support. Most are made of either wood or metal, both of which look incredible in many different office environments. They are available in numerous sizes, usually with shelves of two, three, or five, depending on the individual's needs. Some, like the SSDCA Sliding Door Bookcase from Mayline even offer doors to hide the contents of your bookshelf, both for privacy, and a cleaner, more uniform look.


Shelving is a great storage solution for anyone in a tight spot. Any interior designer will tell you that when a place is low on square footage, building up is better than building out, and shelving is the perfect device to accomplish this. The reason why affordable shelving for office use might be more efficient than a bookcase is because shelving is often better suited to hold more than just books. Even if bookcases can house things like small plants, pictures, or tissue boxes, shelving configurations often allow users to switch the sizes of their shelves, for example, the bottom shelf might have much more space than the top shelf. Users may choose to store boxes or packaging rather than just literary materials. Wall mounted shelving takes up no floor space whatsoever. Both options are superb for anyone short on room for their office.


Perhaps your office doesn't need a whole lot of storage space. For many, something as big and intrusive as a bookcase, cabinet, or a shelving configuration is just too much. That's why there's pedestals! These nifty little devices are storage solutions that can easily squeeze underneath desks. They provide drawer space for everything from pencils to files. Many are often equipped with wheel casters for mobility. The ones with locking features make ideal storage for teachers and executives in both home and office environments. While they are easy to hide, stylish pedestals for office desks are often appealing enough to leave right in plain sight. For a small storage solution that offers tons of space without taking up a lot of it's own, pedestals are always a great answer!


Want storage that can follow you anywhere? Then carts are the key for you. Carts can hold everything from files to television sets making them perfect for offices, schools, conference areas, and presentation rooms. By definition, all mobile office carts for sale is equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Some offer shelf space, others offer drawer space depending on the needs of your office, but all carts offer the same thing - a place to put things. In office environments where things can get messy fast, sometimes that is all you need!
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