Thursday, February 27, 2014

Office Design: Choosing The Right Reception Desk

Making a lasting first impression on your valued clientele is extremely important. That being said, first impressions being the minute visitors enter your business. For that reason, it's essential to choose the perfect reception desk to meet your specific welcome area layout. In today's article we'll showcase 5 different reception desk styles to meet the needs of any reception area.

Tight Spaces

Those limited by square footage won't want to take up too much valuable floor space with a welcome station. That being said, small reception desks with rectangular shapes typically work best for tight areas. Products like the Mayline RSBF Luminary Reception Desk should do the trick! The best part is, smaller stations like the RSBF are typically the most affordable. As we're sure you plan on growing your business in the future, using modular lines like the Mayline Luminary collection will also leave you with the ability to add a return to your station in the future to create more worksurface and additional storage.

Front Entry

U Shaped Reception Desk

Reception areas with front entry access doors are usually the most versatile. Regardless of your size, you should configure your reception desk to be the first thing guests see when entering your building. In most cases, rectangular units like one mentioned above will work great. In addition, U shaped reception desk models like the new AM-404N are also great for making an impression in larger areas. Keep in mind that making the welcome desk the main focal point of your area is always a good idea. When visiting for the first time, guests are often looking to talk to someone, check in, or obtain general information. Expedite their visit by creating a centralized visiting station that's front and center!

Side Entry

L Shaped Napoli Reception Desk

Office buildings are often configured quite strangely. In many cases, side entry buildings present challenges to interior design teams and office furniture specialists alike but really don't have to! Using an L shaped reception desk is the perfect solution! Depending on which side of your office features the entry door, a left hand or right handed station will make for a presentable welcome you can be proud of. Manufacturers like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Offices To Go, and Global Total Office all offer plenty of new reception desks for sale that can be outfitted with modular returns that will allow you to change your station in the future if needed.

Three Way Entry

Curved Reception Desk

Hotels and many other businesses commonly feature the three way entry layout. When looking to accommodate this style of welcoming area curved receptionist desks are best. A curved station provides an excellent vantage point for guests from any angle. Popular lines like the OFM Marque reception station collection include best selling curved models in a variety of sizes to meet your specific space requirements. Situate your curved station comfortably along the back wall. This way, when guests enter from any of your three doorways you can see each other clearly and quickly.

Four Way Entry

Circular Reception Desk

With the exception of custom furniture configurations that cost a fortune, circular reception desk models are the best way to outfit your business when faced with a four way entry layout. Corporations with this type of space should again be looking to create a presentable front from any angle. Often circular units will accommodate 2 to 3 users comfortable. Models like the 55316 Marque work just fine with as little as one person. Depending on the traffic flow of your business, you'll need to decide just how many receptionists are necessary. No matter the case, a circular welcome desk will have your office looking professional and up to date without spending crazy money on custom furniture!
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