Thursday, February 13, 2014

Office Design: Creating A Professional Conference Room

How to Design A Conference Room

Designing a professional conference room area for your business can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be! In today's article we'll showcase helpful design tips and product suggestions sure to help you create a meeting area designed for optimal productivity. From space planning to design ideas, we have your every conference room makeover need covered!

As with any office makeover project, the first step to creating a professional conference room area is space planning. It's vitally important to measure your space effectively notating power outlets, entry ways, windows, and load bearing members. Create a diagram of your area and sketch a few simple designs of what you think will work best. Meeting with an office interior design team or furniture specialist will definitely provide valuable insight as to what products will work best for your space.

Once you've got your space measured, it's time to choose a furniture style. Do a simple online search for "conference room decor ideas" to get some inspiration. In addition to search engines, sites like Pinterest can also be a big help! The most popular style of 2014 is most definitely modern. Most businesses are looking to keep their office decor on the cutting edge with modern meeting tables for sale from the hottest brands. Those not in love with the modern look will want to focus on a more traditional theme for their space.

Now that you've got some inspiration and a desired style in mind, it's time to shop! As the most fun part of any design process, shopping for conference furniture online will provide you with ample product suggestions to meet your specific needs. Not to worry though, we've showcased some of our favorite lines below to keep you from getting overwhelmed!

Top Collections Include:

Napoli Series Conference Furniture

Napoli Furniture

Verde Series Conference Furniture

Verde Series

Aberdeen Series Conference Furniture

Aberdeen Furniture

Once you've chosen a line, take the time to comparison shop using various online resources like Google Product Search and other engines to find optimal savings. You'll be surprised how many vendors offer coupons, bulk discount packages, and free shipping to earn your business. The list below shows the essential products you'll need to get your space up and running efficiently.

Most Conference Rooms Need:
  1. Conference Table
  2. Storage Components (wall cabinets and credenzas are typically the best choice)
  3. Presentation Board
  4. Lectern or Podium
  5. Seating
Next, you'll want to schedule a delivery day for your new furniture if you're planning to handle the installation process yourself. You may also choose to have your products ship to a professional installer in your area and most reputable online furniture providers will have a list of quality suggestions. In most cases, conference room furniture installation is pretty basic. Table tops typically connect easily to bases and can be assembled quite quickly. The most time consuming part of the installation process will be assembling your chairs. However, once you've done one the process picks up and you can use a team approach to get done faster.

Here's Some Helpful Product Receiving and Installation Tips to Remember:
  1. Prep Your Area: Having your office ready to receive new furniture is very important. Make sure you allot the necessary time to remove old products from your space the day before you're new products arrive.
  2. Designate A Staging Area: Creating a staging area to welcome new products will help you save time while eliminating the need to move items multiple times.
  3. New Furniture Creates Debris: Your new furniture should arrive well packaged and often palletized. When the uncartoning process begins, a lot of packing materials and associated debris will be created. make sure you have the dumpster space or exit strategy to remove waste effectively.
Once the installation process is complete and all packaging materials are removed, it should be about time to host your first meeting in your new space. Be sure to share your design success with fellow coworkers to showcase just how great a job you've done!

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