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Top 5 Multi Function Office Chairs by Eurotech

Choosing an office chair can be a tough predicament. Without the chairs directly in front of you, it's hard to know what will be the right one, and it doesn't help that there are millions of chairs out there to pick from. Thankfully, there are lots of office chairs that can do it all! Multi function task chairs have been sweeping the nation because they offer comfort, affordability, and most of all, versatility. A multi function chair can be used everywhere from a desk, to a computer, to an executive office, and every place in between, and no brand makes more of these chairs than Eurotech. Their chairs offer top-of-the-line design for affordable prices all year round! To help you choose, today's post will showcase Eurotech's top five multi function office chairs for home and business use!

Grey Bodyflex Task Chair with Chrome Base
First up is a chair that can do it all, including keeping you comfortable! The 5200FPCHR Bodyflex Task Chair by Eurotech offers spectacular ergonomic benefits at "regular chair" price. It is designed to support the body by balancing weight distribution, resulting in a smooth, comfortable sit that's a must have for those long work days. The Bodyflex even includes a waterfall seat to reduce joint pain by improving circulation through the legs. It makes an excellent addition to office desks in both home and public business environments, and works equally well in cubicles, executive offices, and training areas too. If the color isn't your style, don't worry. The Bodyflex is also available in a sultry black or green that matches any office decor. For it's affordable price, this chair is practically a steal!

Symbian Series Purple Ergonomic Office Chair by Eurotech
This next chair is a study in purple! The SYMB-PURP-HR Symbian Series Purple Ergonomic Office Chair by Eurotech is one of their most popular ergonomic chairs for pain relief. A mesh back allows for breathability, promoting the reduction of germs and heat build up on the user. It offers tilt tension control with locks, a synchro-tilt mechanism, height adjustment in the seat and arms, and a forward tilting waterfall seat to reduce leg stress. The result is a chair adept at ergonomic comfort. The cradling high back design works in all sorts of office environments to fit the multi-function label. It is an ideal chair for home offices and executive use in particular, but it also molds well to cubicles and desks of varying professional sophistication.

Switch Orange and White Office Chair by Eurotech
As far as guest chairs go, there is nothing more versatile than the SW550-ORG-WHT Switch Folding Guest Chair by Eurotech for your office. Available for sale in packs of two, this chair is an excellent deal. Whether you're looking to seat guests in a waiting room, a reception area, at a desk, a computer station, or office table, the Switch is the chair for you. Schools, libraries, training facilities, and cafes all love this chair because of it's amazing adaptability. It comes equipped with an eye-catching modern color combo and wheel casters for easy mobility. As if all that weren't enough, the Switch also folds up for super easy storage.

Wau High Back  Mesh Office Chair by Eurotech
Like the Symbian, the Wau another chair by Eurotech that has exploded in popularity since it's debut. Featuring a highly ergonomic design, this chair is as comfortable as it is useful. The WAU-HIGH Wau High Back Ergonomic Office Chair by Eurotech boasts incredible tilt tension control with tilt locks, angle adjustment, synchro tilt, and an adjustable waterfall seat to reduce pain. It also features an attractive mesh back available in two color combinations for convenience. The Wau comes in two available sizes, a mid back, and a high back with an included headrest for ultimate comfort. It works excellently as an executive chair or task chair in both home and office environments. The mid back design also offered makes a great addition to bedroom offices, desks, and cubicles alike because of it's smaller size. It will definitely have it's users saying "wow!"

Concept 2.0 Modern Mesh Back Office Chair by Eurotech
Last, but certainly not least on our list, is the chair that can go just about anywhere. The Concept 2.0 Modern Mesh Back Office Chair by Eurotech is the perfect thing for a cubicle, an office desk, a receptionist, or an executive. It features revolutionizing ergonomic design for a mid back chair at an affordable price. The Concept 2.0 features all the same adjustments and benefits as the Symbian and the Wau. It boasts tilt locks, tension control, synchro-tilt, swivel arms, a curving seat - the whole shebang! All these combine to produce a chair that leaves users comfortable and at ease throughout the workday. Users love this chair because of it's comfortable versatility. It is without a doubt one of the highest quality ergonomic multi function chairs for office tasking purposes, and should never be left out of consideration!
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