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Top Selling Reception Desk Styles of 2014

The month of January has now passed, which means the trending results of the new year are in! In the world of office furniture, chairs, desks, and tables from all sorts of styles have taken off. Entrepreneurship is a trend that has skyrocketed, which is probably why there has been a rise in the sales reception desks as well. Reception furniture is vital to any commercial business environment, and guests need a place they can go to for information and direction in a place they have never been to before. To help you choose the best for your business, here are the most popular reception desk styles of 2014!


Brighton Series Modern  Rectangular Reception Desk by Mayline

For interior designers, these are your desks that can go anywhere. The basic right-angle design of a rectangular desk makes these them highly accessible from all directions. As long as they can be easily accessed from the room's entry point, they work equally well in corners, against walls, or in the center of the room. Rectangular reception desks are perfect for waiting rooms and lobbies, but they work especially well in standard business practices that have great need for them. Dentistries, doctors offices, pharmacies, and places with generally geometric decor enjoy the straight-edge style of the classic rectangular reception desk. However, for those that still want the interior design functionality of a rectangular desk without the exclusively geometric shape, desks like the BRIGHTON-RECEPTION Modern Rectangular Desk by Mayline can serve as compromises. This table features the traditional angular shape of a classic desk, but with curves featured in the design that make it a wonderful addition to any contemporary welcome area.

L Shaped

Napoli L Shaped Reception Station by Mayline

Desks like the NRSLBB Napoli L Shaped Reception Station by Mayline are adored for their traditional L-Shaped functionality. These desks are ideally designed to fit in corners, but have been known to be found elsewhere in a room. They are perfect for receptionists who have multiple tasks, and are best suited in places of high activity. The L-Shape is almost like having two rectangular tables in one, and with two tables comes more work space. The extra extension can serve as a block, effectively "hiding" the receptionist from the rest of the room for interior design purposes, but it also gives the receptionist more room to deal with files, papers, and other tasks. Stations like the NRSLBB L Shaped Reception Station by Mayline create wonderful impressions in businesses because, with L shaped desks, more surface area often equals more style. The Napoli desk is made of AA-grade North American hardwood and it even features a tempered glass transaction table for an added sense of the modern. If you're looking for a reception desk with the perfect balance of past an future, great modern desks for office reception like this one are perfect for you!


OFM Marque 5 Unit Reception Station

If you have the space, it's hard to go wrong with stylish curved reception desks for office use. It's not that these desks are necessarily any bigger than the more angular styles. In fact, they are actually quite smaller than many L-shaped desks, but the curved design may be harder to fit in a reception area where space is tight. With geometric angles, it's easier to organize furniture in a grid pattern or layout, which is often the layout of choice for many new designers. However, if you want to compete in the contemporary era with chic style, curved desks are all the rage! These desks are ideal for any reception area because they can go just about anywhere in a room. The curved design makes them approachable from all directions, and because they have no angles, guests and receptionists don't feel obligated to pick a side. Desks like the 55316 OFM Marque 5 Unit Reception Station offer a curved design that almost totally encloses the receptionist for maximum approachability by visitors. They are often very easy to assemble, and usually boast both wood, chrome, or glass accents. A favorite of salons, spas, hotels, and cosmopolitan businesses, curved reception desks offer a superb blend of the past and future in one circular design!

Multi User

Amber Series Multi User Reception Desk by Cherryman

Although many receptionists have been working beside another for years, reception desks large enough to house two or more individuals can be very hard to find. Many businesses end up having to group more than one receptionist by shoving two desks together or trying to find a place big enough for one large desk. Unfortunately, in the welcome furniture world, a "large" reception desk is still usually made for one, and often receptionists are stuck trying to make use of an L-shaped desk in which each person gets a side. They're then left to spend the rest of their days fighting over whose chair wheels keep getting in the other person's space. For all of you who know this pain, there is good news! Cherryman Industries has taken up the task of manufacturing quality multi-user reception stations. Desks like their AM-404N Amber Multi User U Shaped Reception Desk are ideally designed for use by more than one user. They fit wonderfully in larger welcome areas and the U-Shaped design makes this desk easily accessible from both the front and the sides. It can go in the center of a room, close to a wall, or in a corner without obstructing the receptionists. With breathing space a-plenty, the days of bumped chairs and crammed coworkers are over!
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