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10 Key Ways To Enhance Your Executive Office

Like their inhabitants, executive offices should always dress to impress. Keeping a nice, neat, organized space that exudes plenty of high end style can seem like a bit of a challenge, but it's definitely necessary to win the respect of potential clients and business partners. For anyone looking to do an executive office makeover or decor project, you're in luck. Today's post highlights all the latest styling trends for executive offices. Enjoy!

1.) Let in the Light

Bright Office

To start things off easy, our first task is definitely the simplest one. Natural lighting can have profoundly beneficial effects on human psychological health. There are numerous studies showing the links between natural lighting and better mood, better outlook, better focus, and even better energy. Show off your executive appeal by opening the blinds and letting the sun shine in! It gives the office a much more upbeat feel that can benefit both you and your guests!

2.) Paint Your Walls

Painted Executive Office

Boring walls make a boring office, and that's not impressive at all. To really wow your guests, don't be afraid of a little color. White and gray can even work well as long as you've got interior design sense. Decide on a color you think you would like that most furniture could easily match, or if you've already got some furniture picked out, choose a color scheme to match it. Study up on the color wheel and get some advice from an interior designer before painting. Remember, when picking paint, always go a few shades lighter than the color you'd like. The shadows in a room will make everything look darker than it actually is when all is said and done.

3.) Dark Wood Tones

Dark Wood Tones

Dark wood tones have become one of the biggest hit trends in interior design, especially for high end executive offices. Especially dark woods like espresso, chocolate, and mocha, not only sound delicious, but they also convey a great sense of elegance. They create a stark yet appealing contrast in rooms with lighter colors, and they match almost anything. In fact, some furniture brands like the look so much they offer whole lines of stylish executive furniture in dark woods. One of the most popular lines has been Verde collection furniture by Cherryman for the office. Desks in this line are the epitome of modern executive appeal, offered in both latte and espresso finishes.

4.) Metal Accents

Cherryman Verde Desk with Metal Accents

Whether you go with chrome, aluminum, or powdered steel, nothing compliments dark wood tones better than shining metal. Metal accents always give a strong hint to the modern. The sleek look is futuristic and has been fashion forward ever since the dawn of the computer age, so it's not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Combined with dark wood accents, chrome creates the perfect blend of past and future. Almost all modern wood desks for executives that rock metal accents can stand their own against any critical eye.

5.) Glass

Glass Office

In a world that's all about power and progression, it never hurts to have graceful glass to accent an executive office interior. We've got the strong elements like wood and metal, but every executive office should have a touch of elegance. For office designers, glass has always been the great mediator. It offers a light, liquid appearance to soften the overwhelming effect of metal and wood. In smaller offices, glass is especially good at creating the illusion of larger space, and the best part is, it's almost always cheaper. Choosing elegant office desks with glass accents for an executive office will not only enhance your space, it may also save you tons of money!

6.) Complimentary Office Chair

Cool Office Desk and Chair Combo

What's the point of being an executive if you don't at least get a big comfy leather chair? All too often people work hard to create the ultimate executive office and then ruin the effect with shabby seating. Office chairs are there, first and foremost, to be comfortable, but they're also supposed to look good. Furnishing your workplace with comfortable executive chairs with leather upholsteries is an important step to an impressive office environment. This season, gray is definitely in. Gorgeous gray chairs like HENDRIX-HB-GR High Back Gray Leather Chair by Woodstock ensure both style and comfort for an affordable price.

7.) Organization

Organized Office

The last thing a guest is going to be impressed by is clutter, or if he is, it's not a good thing. You may be a wonderful person and business executive, but messy offices are one of the best ways to ruin that professional image. Staying clean and organized improves image, efficiency, and effectiveness in the workplace. In the cold seasons, it also reduces health hazards by limiting the spread of disease. Try to choose clever options for storage like overhead hutches and cabinets that match existing furniture. They will help to keep your place streamlined and looking good!

8.) Decoration

Office Decorations

Now that the walls and furniture is all but complete, it's time to decorate! This is the part that both professional and beginning designers tend to enjoy most because it allows them the freedom to design without so many aesthetic rules to limit them. One of the biggest trends in executive office design has been the addition of desk plants to the office. Plants look great and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors to match just about any office space. Some plants like gardenias, golden pothos, peace lilies, and spider plants, can even act as natural air purifiers by removing harmful VOCs from the air. For a splash of color and liveliness, wall art and even small bowl fish make non-intrusive, entertaining friends to any desk space.

9.) Go Ergonomic

Ergonomic Office

Ergonomic study has become the backbone of contemporary office design, and for good reason. In the workplace, smart furniture like discount ergonomic monitor arms for computer use can drastically improve efficiency, productivity, employee health, pain relief, and it can even maximize space. Desks, chairs, and keyboard trays nowadays all offer ergonomic benefits.

10.) Don't Forget Your Guests

Office Guest Area

In an executive office, guests should be a top priority. As a business leader, it's the executive's job to set the best example for how visitors should be treated, and that means providing a comfortable, welcoming place for clients and patrons when they arrive. When decorating, always be sure never to leave out comfortable guest chairs for visitors. The goal should always be to leave them feeling the same executive level comfort as you. As your guests, they deserve all luxury you can offer them!
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