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5 Ergonomic Office Products With Health Benefits

Ergonomic products are known for increasing comfort and efficiency at the office, but did you know they can actually improve health? Many chairs, desks, and even tables with ergonomic features possess incredible beneficial qualities for those with back pain, achey joints and other harmful health problems. Adding them to the workplace can improve comfort, mood, and even life outlook! Here's a list of proven health benefits by ergonomic products!

Ergonomic Chairs

Verte Executive Chair by RFM

* Relieves Back Pain
* Alleviates Joint Pain
* Improves Comfort
* Diverse Health Benefits

Ergonomic chairs are some of the most versatile ergonomic products around. They have been known to treat everything from aching joints to poor circulation. While almost all ergonomic chairs are ideally designed to relieve back pain, there are many chairs with a diverse array of healthy ergonomic features, each designed to reduce some sort of common office ailment. For example, chairs that mold to the spine  treat severe back pain. Waterfall seats reduce stress on the legs, improving blood circulation and joints problems. Some comfortable ergonomic executive chairs for sale even have massage features with heating to relax tired muscles!

Stand Up Desks

Electric Height Adjustable Workstation by Global

* Increases Energy Level
* Burns Calories
* Reduces Health Risks Caused By Sitting

Stand up desks aren't for everyone, but they are excellent for many who wish to improve their overall health and energy level at the office. Standing up at the office is a relatively new trend, so there isn't much scientific information on the desks themselves, but there is plenty of research to show the benefits of standing. When we sit, our spines take all the pressure of supporting our bodies. This increases risk for back pain, obesity, neck pain, muscle strain. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, those who sit for more than six hours a day increase their risk of cancer. By standing on a comfortable pad and working at adjustable ergonomic workstations for health, users can reduce all of these risks, and testimonials report vastly increased muscle tone and energy to boot! Just don't forget to take brief sitting breaks to take pressure off the legs.

Kneeling Chairs and Stools

Via Seating Special Edition Swopper Stool
* Reduces Lower Back Pain
* Forces Better Posture
* Improves Muscle Health

Most people don't think of these as office seating solutions, but they are some of the healthiest options out there! The science of kneeling chairs and ergonomic stools relies upon improved posture. Half the health problems caused by sitting are likely do to improper position alone, not just an uncomfortable chair. Unfortunately, it's easy to get into a habit of bad posture, which is why so many people have turned to these. Stools like the Via Seating 1-SWUS Special Edition Swopper Chair have actually won awards for health. This stool stabilizes the spine, conditions muscles, forces good posture, improves lymphatic flow, and drastically reduces back pain. Kneeling chairs work in much the same way by taking pressure off the spine. Users lean forward a bit so the knees and shins do some of the work. Both are fun, healthy ways to improve posture and muscle tone without a strenuous workout!

Keyboard Platforms

ESI Combo Solution Keyboard Platform

* Alleviates Joint Pain
* Improves Posture

Keyboard platforms are relatively simple inventions that have drastic effects on work environments in both homes and offices. These ergonomic devices mount underneath office desks providing a tray where users can set a keyboard and computer mouse. By taking the keyboard off of the office desk, users don't have to reach up, straining their arms, wrists, and elbows to type. Most ergonomic keyboard platforms for sale improve posture by allowing users to make adjustments. The proper way to sit keeps the arms at right angles with wrists parallel to arms for efficient blood circulation. This improves posture and reduces joint pain in the hands, wrists, arms, and elbows.


Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

* Reduces Pressure On Bones and Muscles
* Increases Comfort

In a survey conducted by, 72% of users reported reduced back pain while lying down or sitting in a reclined position. Now, most people don't think of recliners as office appropriate, but we a assure you there are plenty of reclining office chairs with leather upholsteries ideally designed for business use. Recliners work by taking the weight of the body, so muscles and bones don't have to. It is a sedentary way of working that requires short breaks of activity for optimal health, but recliners have been shown to reduce overall pain by reducing pressure on bones and muscles.
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