Wednesday, March 26, 2014

6 Great Ways To Save Money On A New Office Chair

It's no secret that office chairs can get expensive, but who says you can't cheat a little bit? Saving money isn't a crime, and there's tons of ways to get more bang for your buck. With a little resourcefulness and an open mind, shoppers can save a bundle on great items like brand new office chairs by remembering these nifty money saving tips! Enjoy!

Inquire About Bulk Savings

Bulk Savings

 The name alone is music to the ears of almost every thrifty personality on the planet, and with good reason. Those that are willing to call up a few furniture dealers will undoubtedly reap the benefits of curiosity. Buying high end executive chairs with leather upholsteries and tons of guest chairs for a waiting room can put shoppers on the fast track to an empty wallet. Fortunately, anyone buying more than two products usually qualifies for bulk savings. Dealers are all about sales and customer satisfaction, so contacting them with queries about potential discounts gives them the opportunity to gain both. Even if you're only after one specific chair, it never hurts to call for a discount. Hey, they're called "dealers" for a reason!

Search For Coupons


Coupons aren't just for groceries. They're excellent ways to save on all kinds of things if you take the opportunity to look for them! With paper largely on it's way out the door, most online furniture dealers are posting their coupons online. Flash sales are often showcased in blog posts or on the dealer's website with coupons and money-saving codes for potential shoppers to enter in at checkout, but that's the hard way around. Today, there are tons of super simple ways to save through coupons. Sites like and offer coupons from most of the best chair providers. Free apps are also a great way to save on discount desk chairs with modern style.

Find Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Having to pay for shipping is a pain. You search for hours and think you've finally found the best deal on an expensive office chair, and then when you get to the end of checkout they tell you there's huge upcharge for delivery. However, there are plenty of dealers out there with honest pricing. When websites advertise that there's no shipping charge, it means there's no surprise money-grabbing in the end. If you're shopping for adjustable task chairs for home and business use, take the time to search out a site that offers free shipping. It won't take long and the money saved can be substantial.

Use Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison shopping engines are the shopper's dream come true. They are sites that search from all over the web for the lowest price on an item, nearly always saving users tons of money. Google Shopping, Amazon,, and BizRate are some of the most popular shopping engines, but there's probably a million out there. Choosing modern office chairs for computer use can be difficult, and expensive, but with the ability to search by product, brand, or price, any of these engines has the potential to save you a bundle. There's even apps available! Just type in what you're looking for to save yourself from looking!

Sign Up For Newsletters


For regular shoppers of any brand or dealer, it never hurts to sign up for newsletters! Most dealers are hipping up to the fact that daily emails are a no-go (and they're super annoying). Weekly and monthly emails are definitely more manageable for most, and they're becoming much more common. Some dealers even allow their customers to choose how often notifications come! Newsletters provide great ways to see what sorts of sales are going on with your favorite brands! Many of them often have coupon codes, clearance lists, new additions, and discount products listed that can save you tons. On things like high end ergonomic chairs for executive use, it's well worth  your time.

Ask About Clearance and Closeout Specials


And lastly, don't be afraid of the dealer. Furniture dealers usually have a much better idea of when products will be upped in price or discontinued. If you don't have a particular chair in mind, calling ahead to ask about clearance and closeout specials could get you a chair for much less than it was originally priced at. If you're okay with using a slightly out of date model or are in search of a vintage style, there's no better way to get what you need and still keep your wallet happy. There are tons of classic leather chairs for conference use out there. Why not see if you can nab one for a discount price?
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