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How To Meet Your Office Makeover Project Deadline

Professional Panel Furniture Configuration

When designing a professional office space, businesses are commonly faced with tight deadlines and strict budgets. In today's article we'll highlight the helpful tips and industry secrets you'll need to get your project finished on time and stress free! From the lobby to the boardroom, these versatile tricks will improve your business makeover efficiency.

1.) Assess Your Needs

All too often businesses go into office design projects without a distinct plan of attack. To better tackle your makeover, create a list of pieces you need and goals you hope to accomplish with your project. As budget is always a factor, assessing your needs at the beginning of your project will help to prevent you from splurging and exhausting your funds too quickly. The tips below are sure to help you create an itemized plan of attack for your project.

Tips for Assessing Your Office Makeover Needs:
  • Measure Your Space Effectively
  • Sketch 3 Potential Layout Ideas
  • Choose A Furniture Style
  • Determine A Furniture Brand
  • Meeting with An Office Furniture Specialist

2.) Shop Smart

Once you've determined your specific project needs, it's time to shop. By now you should have met with an industry specialist to receive product suggestions on what brands, collections, and styles will work best for your project based on the tip list highlighted above. Take your new found knowledge to the digital world and search your favorite engine for deals, specials, and companies offering free shipping office furniture promotions to maximize your budget. Be sure to inquire about specific product lead times with your dealer of choice and leave up to 1 week of cushion for any unforeseen manufacturing issues that may occur.

3.) Schedule Delivery

Now that you've comparison shopped and purchased the necessary furniture to complete your project, the next essential step is to schedule delivery. There's not much worse than having a delivery driver show up when you are in no way ready to receive your new furniture. Scheduling delivery is a sure fire way to help you stay organized and on top of your makeover deadline. To determine an estimated delivery date effectively inquire with your dealer about a shipping date. Once items ship a tracking number will be available upon request. Obtain this number and the freight carriers information and call them asap. The sooner you request a specific delivery day the more likely the carrier will be able to meet your request.

4.) Prepare Your Space

Whether you choose to go the way of a professional office furniture installation service or opt for self installation methods with your team, prepping your space is an absolute must. Start by removing old office desks, tables, and seating a few days in advance. Be sure to take pictures of the furniture in your current space if you're planning to sell it to recapture expenses. With your old furniture removed you'll be empowered with a clear canvas to begin your makeover. Take the time to create a staging area for new furniture to be placed out of the way. This simple tip will save you time and prevent the need to move boxes multiple times before they are actually needed!

5.) Have The Correct Tools

Having the correct tools on hand to install your furniture will prevent time consuming trips to the hardware store. If you're hoping to meet a project deadline, these little hiccups will surely hurt your chances of doing so. The tool check list below is a helpful guide as to what items you'll need on hand to ensure a smooth and effective install.

Must Have Items for Office Furniture Installation Include:
  • Assorted Screwdrivers (both Philips and flat head variations)
  • Cordless Drill
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flash Light
  • Furniture Sliders or Dolly
  • Box Cutter
  • Set of Allen Wrenches
  • Socket Set
  • Measuring Device
 6.) Don't Forget To Clean

Once the installation process is completed, rest assured there will be debris! Packaging materials like bubble wrap and card board will be abundant. For larger projects like conference room, executive offices, and office lobby furniture configurations, be sure to have an empty dumpster on hand to hold all your unwanted waste. Breaking boxes down will save space while trash bags will come in handy for smaller odds and ends. Often, new furniture will be accompanied by dust. Therefore, having a soft rag and cleaning supplies will allow you to make your new products shine to their full potential before the following work day.

Overall, meeting your project deadline is all about being prepared and organized. Collaborating with your coworkers and furniture provider will provide helpful insight all throughout the process. Be sure to generate an itemized plan and budget to follow for your specific requirements. In the long run, the makeover transition when handled right can be a truly fun and rewarding process you can be proud of!
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