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Is it Time for a New Reception Desk?

What's the first thing visitors see when they walk into your office? The wall? The chairs? For most, it's the reception desk, the most important part of the room. When guests see this desk with a friendly employee behind it ready to help, the welcome area has done it's job, but how do you know when it's time to switch things up? When is the right time for a new reception desk? Well, the good news is that today's post answers this very question. If you're on the fence about your desk, check out these tips!

The First Impression

Reception Desk First Impression

For most companies, the reception desk is the first thing guests see when they walk into a building. While this is ideal for letting visitors know your company cares about their experience, it can unfortunately leave a bad impression just as easily as a good one. Like anything, shabby, run-down reception desks can turn a great room into a wreck. Sometimes, the only way to fix this is to buy new furniture. There are plenty of affordable stylish desks for office reception use out there just waiting to wow guests. All it takes is deciding to buy.

New or No?

OFM Marque Plexi 5 Unit Reception Station

So how do you know if you should buy? Well, first off, it's important to consider the function of the typical reception desk and judge whether yours still meets the right standards. Reception desks embody your business the most since they are often the first thing guests encounter. They judge the company based on how friendly the receptionist is, how stylish the desk looks, how modern it is, and its efficiency. Great reception desks with contemporary design are sure to wow guests on all fronts, but older models may not be equipped to do provide information, ensure the privacy of guests' information, and define the work ethic of your business the way a new desk would. It's important to consider how good the desk looks in the space before buying, but sometimes, the desk's capacity for change and impression is even more crucial.


Mayline Aberdeen Series Laminate Reception Desk

Reception desks have three main functions. To look great, to function efficiently, and to protect information. Consider the needs of your office welcome area before buying a reception desk. What happens when a guest walks up and when they walk away? Most affordable reception desks for salons and restaurants need to have incredible style, but they should also be technologically adaptive to accommodate for computers, telephones, and appointment-making procedures. In doctor's offices, the receptionist desk needs enough privacy to protect the clients' information. Many buyers often forget that the reception desk needs to serve a very important purpose. It is not just a pretty piece of furniture for guests to look at.


Amber Series Multi User U Shaped Reception Desk by Cherryman

Technology is always changing. As it does, it's important to make sure your reception desk can move with the times. Adaptability is hugely important in all aspects of the workplace. Waiting rooms and lobbies are no exception. When searching for a new reception desk, try to make sure it can be freestanding. Choosing small reception desks with modern features helps ensure that your desk will fit into just about any space. See if you can find one with customizable accents and laminate options to better match the look of your workplace as well. All of this will help ensure the guests' impressions that your company is future-forward and headed toward tomorrow.

Beware Buying Mistakes

Buying Mistakes

Unfortunately, there are many desks out there that can trip up a business with no trouble at all. If the layout should ever change, a reception desk that's bulky and not freestanding may require a complete teardown that leaves a gaping hole in the look of a welcome area. Try to think ahead when considering technology. It's most likely that your desk will last a lot longer than the computer system that sits on it, so try to consider what tech will stay around a while. Power outlets haven't changed in quite some time, so a desk that offers power units is a good idea. On the other hand, USB may be on it's way out the door if someone invents a faster data transfer device. Remember, just because the furniture world moves slower than the tech world doesn't mean you can't choose an adaptive desk today that will last you years if careful consideration is given. Also try to consider desk maintenance, avoiding the too small and too large surfaces which can cause problems for the receptionist. Choosing fashionable curved reception desks may look cool, but if they are made of wood or fabric, they can be hard to maintain. All this is a lot to keep in mind, but a balance can be found. All it takes is searching!

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