Monday, March 10, 2014

Office Tips: 7 Exercises for the Workplace

Ever heard of deskercising? Well, if you haven't, you should know it's a thing now. People everywhere are taking advantage of the health movement to improve their office life through exercise. Of course, exercising at work does seem a bit strange, but there are many studies showing that those who take advantage of this practice enjoy better health, better focus, better outlook, and better productivity. If you want to improve your office life, here are some office friendly exercises to get you started!


Arm Stretch

Stretching is the athlete's way of warming up, but it is also an excellent way to improve blood flow at work without overly humiliating oneself. Studies have shown that simple stretching can do wonders for keeping the body in shape. For those at the office with cramped muscles, neck pain, and the like, some easy stretches can greatly reduce aches, enhance focus, and improve productivity, especially if done periodically. A few slow neck rolls, some arm stretches behind the back and across the body, back stretches in an ergonomic office chair, and leg stretches done by placing one leg at the edge of the desk and stretching can all keep the body tuned up and healthy.

Knee Lifts

Seated Knee Lifts

Knee lifts under the desk are a great way to keep blood circulating in the legs. Sitting still for a long period of time, especially over several years can really hurt those with preexisting conditions. Doing knee and leg lifts periodically while at work reduces risks and illnesses caused by poor blood circulation, such as joint pain, blood clots, swelling, arthritis, and even blotchy skin. Take a few moments during your self allotted exercise time to work in a few knee lifts at the office. Adding an office chair with a waterfall seat is also an excellent way to reduce stress on the legs at the office.

Weight Lifts

Weight Lifts

Every office has a bodybuilder, but chances are they don't just work out at the gym. In order to stay ripped, many exercise lovers don't hesitate to bring a few dumbbells to work. Well, if they can, so can you! The best part about weight lifts is that they don't have to be super tough. Dumbbells can be used while talking on the phone with a client, eating lunch, or in your free hand as you fill out paperwork. Keep a few in modern office desks with storage features like drawers or cabinets. When the phone rings, break out the dumbbells. No one has to know!


Office Yoga

Office yoga. Yep, it's out there, and it's taking the nation by storm. Today, there are office yoga gurus, classes both online and in person, and group workout sessions in many high end offices. There are even office chairs specifically designed for the zen practice. Just take a look at the CHAKRA-GREEN-WHITE Chakra Chair by Eurotech, specifically designed to support the body's chakras, or energy centers. As strange as it seems though, office yoga does wonders for the body. It reduces stress, improves outlook, focus, and energy in the office. Taking the time to look up a few zen-inducing moves is well worth the effort for those that love yoga, and even for newbies.

Chair Dips

Chair Dips

Time to break out the moves! And this is one you can do right in your office chair. Chair dips are an office exerciser's favorite. Make sure your office has durable ergonomic desk seating for office use like the 2621-1 Global Ride Office Chair before attempting though. When you're ready, grip the arms of your task chair, keep your lower body firm, including your abs, and keep your legs at a ninety-degree angle as best you can. Lift your self up so that your body is suspended in the air, hold for a moment, lower yourself and repeat up to eight times. This neat little exercise trick firms up the abs, buttocks, legs and arms.

Desk Pushups

Desk Push Ups

Desk pushups are another effective muscle toner you can do at the office. Like chair dips, desk pushups work the arms, abs, and legs. Before starting, make sure you have a strong desk. Usually, larger wood desks for executives are the best because they can often support a person's weight (but lean against the desk a bit just to be sure). Next, place your hands on the edge of your desk with your arms and legs locked straight. Walk back until you are leaning at an angle to the desk, then, with only the balls of your feet touching the ground, do some pushups. It's an amazing way to tone the body between breaks.

Smart Decisions 

Smart Food Choices

Half of staying in shape is just the mindset, and doing what it takes. People who are constantly thinking about ways to lose weight and stay in shape as they go through their day, will find tons of ways to do it. Simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or riding a bike to work if you can, or taking the long way to your office, and exercising during breaks on a daily basis can drastically improve health. Many people are taking advantage of height adjustable desks like the HE4824MSC adjustable workstation to adapt to a standing work style. People that work standing say it takes time to get used to, but it radically improves focus, energy, and overall health, when interspersed with brief sitting periods. Keeping the mindset and being willing to go the extra mile really show when it comes to work workouts!
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