Monday, March 31, 2014

Top Office Furniture Collections: Offices To Go Ventnor Collection

Looking for all around wood office furnishings for your workplace? Well then, it's time you met the Ventnor Collection! This incredible furniture line by Offices To Go boasts office furniture to go just about everywhere. Whether you're looking to furnish a waiting room, executive office, home workplace, or even a conference room, Ventnor has affordable wood furniture for you that won't break your bank. Here's just a few of their great products to inspire you!

Reception Area

Ventnor Reception Station by Offices To Go

Just about every workplace starts from the reception area. As the place where guests, visitors, and clientele congregate and wait for extended periods of time, it's important that office waiting areas look good, and the Ventnor collection knows how to do it! This furniture line boasts great desks like the VF-F-TCH Toffee Reception Station by Offices To Go to impress guests in any capacity. This right-angle desk is spacious, welcoming, stylish, available in two stunning finishes, and it offers incredible storage. Like all Ventnor furniture, it's very affordable compared to other reception desks of similar quality. Set one at the entrance to your workplace, and it won't disappoint.

Executive Office

Ventnor Executive Office Furniture Collection

Moving on to the executive business office, shoppers will be hard pressed to find a better setup than the ones offered by the Ventnor collection. With stunning options like the Offices To Go V7 Ventnor Executive Furniture Collection, your executive office will never lack for style or impression. This furniture set doesn't just feature a desk, It also includes a storage cabinet with an overhead hutch, file pedestals for storage, and even a small drum base meeting table for talking with visitors. Of course, if the V7 is too much for you, don't fret. Ventnor offers an excellent selection of single desks, workstations, and meeting tables as well. Any of them would work well in an executive office.

Home Office

Ventnor Modular Executive Desk Configuration

Typically, the space in a home office runs a little smaller than the square footage provided by a company in an executive workplace, but it doesn't mean the needs and tasks required are any less. For a workstation with plenty of space, plenty or storage, and plenty of contemporary appeal, few things are better than the V11 Ventnor Modular Desk Confuguration by Offices To Go for a home workspace. Because of it's convenient modular design, the V11 is a perfect choice for a home office. The design keeps everything at arm's-reach, so it's there when the user needs it. In addition to the V11, Ventnor also offers plenty of other acceptable home office desks and workstations, all in varied sizes and price ranges to suit individual needs!

Conference Room

Ventnor Conference Furniture Configuration

One of the best things about the Ventnor collection is that it doesn't just stop at desks; it includes so much more. Instead of leaving the rest of the office bare, Ventnor also provides plenty of conference tables and furniture to unify the whole workspace. The Ventnor collection offers conference tables in plenty of shapes and sizes for various offices, but the grand-daddy of all of these is the conference set. Why shop forever looking for everything you will need rather than getting it all in one go? Well, it just so happens that's the philosophy behind the Offices To Go V13 Ventnor Conference Room Furniture Configuration, and with all that's included, you'll never want to pass it up. The V13 is the perfect conference room setup. Everything needed is included, including a conference table, two bookcases for incredible storage, a credenza with locking pedestals, and even a presentation board! All users need to do is seek out some affordable leather conference chairs for sale and set up shop!


Ventnor Mixed Storage Unit

And last but not least, we leave you with Ventnor's incredible accent furniture! If you've got all the office essentials, it's time to round it out with the last finishing touches, and the Ventnor Collection by Offices To Go knows what you need. Whether you work in an executive office, home, conference room, or waiting room, it never hurts to have a bit of extra storage. Ventnor's accent furniture includes great storage features. Cabinets, file drawers, storage pedestals, and even the clever Offices To Go VF3022MSF Mixed Storage Unit to blend them all are the supplements to the Ventnor line. Not only are they as affordable as everything else, but in offices prone to clutter or disorganization, they're worth their weight in gold!
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