Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Office Desk Maintenance Tips Worth Remembering

 Office Desk Maintenance Tips

Purchasing new office desks for your business is a big investment of time and money. To ensure the longevity of your products, learning a few simple maintenance tips is a must. In today's post we'll highlight just what to look for and how to better prepare yourself for common repairs that tend to occur over the life of all furniture. From keeping the right tools on hand to fixing simple drawer jams, this post is sure to help you get the most out of your furniture investment.

1.) Have The Right Tools

The first key tip to have in mind is to keep the right tools on hand in your office. In most cases, office desk maintenance and repair can be handled with a screw driver or wrench. If your furniture came with basic installation tools like most of the new desks for sale in 2014, keep those on hand for future use. If you've had to purchase basic tools for installation, make sure to keep them handy in your workspace. Those without tools may consider purchasing a small set from a local hardware store. This will come in handy for sure! Store your desk maintenance kit in an un used file drawer or closet until needed. Having the right tools on hand will prevent the lapse of time that occurs between when you notice an issue and actually go out to purchase the tools to fix the problem!

2.) Have Basic Cleaning Supplies On Hand

Part of proper office desk maintenance involves regular cleaning. Professionals recommend wiping your worksurface down with a rag at least once per week. As a rule of thumb, keeping a rag and a bottle of surface cleaner on hand will help your desk stay presentable.

3.) Dust Is The Enemy

Now that you know what cleaning supplies to have on hand in your office, it's important to note that dust will be your biggest enemy. The build up of dust in your workspace can contribute to an unhealthy environment that actually causes you to get sick. As your office is probably visited by coworkers and clientele on a regular basis, maintaining your workstation properly by dusting is a must. This will help you to stay clean, presentable, and professional. You may have one of the best executives desk configurations on the planet, but if it's covered in dust you'll be working in an unhealthy and poorly maintained space that's not reaching it's full potential.

4.) Check Those Hinges

Hinges are an important area of your desk where maintenance is a must. While sitting at your desk, if you feel wobbling at all it's time to tighten those hinges up a bit. Break out your new office furniture repair kit and check the screws from every joint with the appropriate screwdriver. Once tight, re test your desk to see that the wobble has been removed. Letting simple issues like this go for long periods of time is simply unsafe!

5.) Be Ready For Drawer Jams

Most of today's most popular computer desks and executive style desks come standard with some type of storage pedestal that features a combination of file drawers to help you stay organized. Over time, your desk drawers can jam from common paper clips, thumb tacks, and even loose change. While it's simply to say "check and clean your drawers regularly", we thought it would be more beneficial to teach you the simple 3 step process needed to handle common jams without getting you frustrated! First, empty the drawer of all contents. Secondly, remove the drawer completely via the tabs located in your guide tracks. Third, remove any unwanted visitors in the track and replace the drawer and it's contents accordingly. Problem solved!
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