Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Reception Area in 2014

To all the companies that have been around for a long time, congratulations! It isn't easy to stick around through the upheavals of time, and finding a way to do it is certainly something to celebrate. However, with the future just around the corner, it's time to kick things up a notch. Remodeling is an excellent way to gain the respect and attention of patrons, and there's no better place to show this new style off than by upgrading your office reception areas. Here's a few tips on how to get started!

New Magazine Subscriptions


Not every business can afford a fancy television to entertain guests, but thankfully, not all of them need to. Reading is a great way to pass time while waiting for one's name to be called, and it's an art that is coming back into style more and more everyday! It's the job of the company to keep patrons entertained while they wait, but chances are, if your company has been around for a long time, customers' interests have likely changed. Regularly changing magazine subscriptions every few years helps ensure that your company is up-to-date with what readers like. Time, National Geographic, People, Sports, and Entertainment magazines are classic. Together they generally cover all the bases. Keep them set up in some contemporary bookcases for office use, and you're good to go!

Beam Seating

Sonic Beam Seating by Global

Beam seating is an excellent update for offices used to high activity. In a room where people are constantly moving about, standard chairs can get misplaced, making reception areas seem sloppy and disorganized. Adding modular beam seating with modern design is a great way to ensure the cleanliness of your place (in more ways than one!) Unlike standard chairs, beam seating tends to stay in place better. The empty space underneath the beams is a dream for janitorial staff because it's so easy to clean around. Often, many who choose beam seating never have to worry about accent furniture because tables are sometimes built right in. Beam seating is an excellent modern solution that looks as good as it sounds!

Curved Reception Desk

Curved Reception Desk by OFM

Standard geometric reception desks are all fine and dandy, but for offices undergoing makeovers, curved is the way to go! In reception areas, waiting rooms, and lobbies, reception desks are usually the first thing patrons encounter. It's important that the receptionist feels approachable in case a guest has questions, but if a desk isn't facing them, it subconsciously cuts them off. Curved and circular desks are more approachable because they effectively face more of the room. Today, curved desks for office reception are stylish, popular, and they typically offer receptionists more room to work!

Contemporary Accent Tables

Wind Linear Side Table by Global

Tables are a huge must-have for any reception or waiting area. Without them, guests have no place to set papers, magazines, beverages, or bags, leaving the place cluttered and unwelcoming. While many beam seating solutions actually offer built-in tables for convenience, in offices that don't use them, adding trendy end tables for home or business use can be an excellent way to provide utility surfaces for guests. In addition, situating chairs around a coffee table often makes magazines easier to find. Simply plan a layout and lay out your magazines and pamphlets!

Cool Area Rug

Area Rug

Area rugs provide the perfect punch of life to a space that feels flat and boring. A little splash of color and pattern in rooms that lack it can be easily achieved by rolling out a stylish rug. They're excellent for reception areas in buildings where noisy feet might disturb neighbors on lower floors, and tough fabric is far less likely to find itself scuffed by the legs of chairs and coffee tables for office reception, unlike wood flooring.

Unique Wall Art

Wall Art

For those that don't like to read, wall art is often all the entertainment a reception area can provide. It's important for all guests to find something they like in your office space, so decorating the walls with interesting pictures can help keep a non-reading guest just as entertained as a book keeps a reading one. Try to choose art that matches the look or theme of your office - art that doesn't clash with decor. There are tons of amazing artists out there looking for a little support, and taking an internet break to peruse some pretty pictures for the office reception area is a fun way to pass the time.

Ergonomic Accessories

Solstice Lamp by ESI

It's no secret that ergonomic design is the way of the future. In order to impress visitors with the fashion-forward design of your office, it's important to include ergonomics in the mix. If natural lighting isn't an option try to choose some ergonomic desk lamps for office use in your reception space. Some options, like the Solstice lamp by ESI even offer USB charging stations for handheld devices like phones and mp3 players. Aside from good service, there's no better way to show guests that your company cares!
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