Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Versatile Training Room Seating Solutions of 2014

Training rooms are all the rage this year in the office world. All over the nation, big businesses are recognizing the benefits of training furniture and its versatility. Libraries, schools, universities, and public centers all rely on training chairs to seat their visitors. Whether you're looking to train new recruits or add furniture for a new computer area in the office, training room furniture can fit your needs. Here's the top seven training room chair styles to help you choose what's best!

Mobile Chairs

Twilight Office Chair by Global

Mobility is a huge asset for chairs in an active workplace. The ability to move chairs around fluidly without obstruction or carrying is highly underrated, but totally necessary in offices or libraries with computers. Adding training room chairs with mobility to a workspace ensures that carpets won't get scuffed by stiff chair legs. They are highly versatile, able to serve in all sorts of seating capacities, and always able to keep up with active workspaces!

Stationary Chairs

Global Duet Guest Chairs

Stationary training chairs do not have wheels for mobility, but that doesn't make them any less useful. Where mobile chairs are easy to transport and great for use at computer stations, in close-quarters, their wheeled legs can easily roll round and get tangled up in the legs of nearby chairs. This makes them terrible seating solutions at long work tables in training areas and libraries where several chairs may be in close proximity at all times. The rubberized legs or sled bases of stationary chairs are less likely to scuff floors or get tangled up, making them perfect for long reading and work sessions in the office utility area.

Nesting Chairs

Switch Nesting Chair by Eurotech

Nesting chairs are not that well known, but they are the perfect solution for an office that fluctuates in traffic. If your office experiences predictable periods of low activity, with few visitors, interspersed with high activity and many visitors, then nesting chairs are an excellent option. By folding against one another, nesting chairs are able to "nest" together for easy storage. Options like the SW550-ORG-WHT Switch nesting chair by Eurotech even come in packs of two just to showcase this!

Stacking Chairs

Cali Stacking Guest Chair by Via Seating

Stackability is a great feature more common to stationary office chairs, as opposed to ones with wheels. In offices that fluctuate in activity, stackable chairs make storage a snap so that the office isn't cluttered with more chairs than it needs at certain times of the year. Good stacking office chairs like the 102-C-31A Cali stack chair by Via Seating are even offered in tons of colors to better match office decor. They make great seating for lounges, training rooms, and computer areas in office environments.

Armless Chairs

Even though most users prefer chairs with armrests, armless chairs are actually much better in highly active office environments. Chair arms can easily get damaged after repeated use when users are constantly getting up and sitting down. Often they can be an obstacle that snags clothes, bags, and the cords of headphones or handheld devices, seriously inconveniencing active occupants. A quality armless training chair like the 2614C Chair by Global tends to be much preferred in training room computer areas because they're more easily accessed.

Tablet Chairs

Sonic Tablet Guest Chair by Global

Training chairs with tablets make amazing seating solutions in educational facilities. Schools, libraries, universities, and presentation rooms, all prefer a good tablet training chair like the 6513T Sonic Tablet Chair by Global to a standard office chair any day. The tablet provides occupants the opportunity to take notes, read, or work from the chair they already need to sit in. Why pay twice as much for long tables or desks when you can buy a chair that offers all in one for so much less?

Breathable Chairs

Mayline Valore Mesh Training Chair

Office training can be tough work. Why not take a breather with a chair that can help cool you down? Perforated and mesh back office chairs for sale have made their way into just about every workplace in America. Not only are they affordable, but the breathable back keeps occupants cool and also prevents the buildup of sweat and germs. Fortunately, many furniture brands have now made this great feature available in the training room too. Now new recruits can benefit from the soft supportive comfort of a chair like the TSM2 Mayline Valor Mesh Training Chair, and get used to their new workplace in comfort!
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