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Choosing The Perfect Conference Table for Your Business

How To Choose A Conference Table
A professional meeting area speaks volumes about your business. That being said, the main focal point of this essential space is the conference room table. With an extensive selection of styles available in 2014, choosing the perfect table for your boardroom can be a difficult and overwhelming task. In today's article, we'll highlight the step by step process including tips, product suggestions, and the advice you'll need to purchase the best conference room table for your specific needs.

1.) Size

The first step in choosing the perfect conference table for your business is to assess your needs. Start by measuring your space effectively to determine the size table that will work best. Most businesses use tables between 6' and 10' in length.

2.) Guests

On average you'll want to allow around 3 feet of table space per user. A 6' table will accommodate 4 users comfortably while a 10' table is made to host between 8 and 10 visitors if you choose to use the table ends. To avoid cramping, check out a few popular conference chairs or your current office chairs. Take the measurements of each being sure to take note of the seat and base widths. You can then use these figures to ensure a comfortable meeting experience for your business guests.

3.) Materials 

To choose the best conference table for your business, you'll want to educate yourself on the most popular materials being used today. Top brands like Global Total Office offer a wide range of tables including wood veneer, metal, and laminate variations that vary widely in price. In most cases wood veneer tables will be the most expensive while laminate top tables are typically the most affordable. Additional brands like OFM, Inc. are now offering attractive glass top conference room tables that are a favorite amongst interior design teams and industry professionals alike. That being said, the hottest conference room design trends of 2014 include the use laminate top tables with industrial metal bases. Products like the GR6STM Alba Series Table will give you a great idea of what's hot this year.

4.) Price

In 2014, shopping for new conference room tables on a budget can actually be quite simple. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all provide affordable solutions that look fantastic. Products like the BTCT6 Brighton Series 6' Conference Table by Mayline can be purchased for as little as $218.99 with free shipping. Higher end tables can range into the thousands depending on the material and size table you choose.

5.) Shape

Popular conference table shapes include round, racetrack, boat shaped, rectangular, and elliptical. This area of the design process is purely based on your personal preference. However, rectangular and boat shaped tables will provide the most useable space on table ends to help you accommodate the maximum number of guests. New elliptical top conference table solutions are by far the most popular this year. For smaller areas, round top styles are best.

6.) Style

Various conference table styles including modern, traditional, contemporary, and industrial should all be taken into account when shopping for your new table. Doing a simple inquiry via your favorite search engine will provide you with helpful insight as to what each looks like. Once you've done the basis research, determine what look will best enhance your corporate decor.

7.) Value

Everyone loves a good deal! That being said, it's important to find value when selecting your new conference table. Manufacturers like those mentioned above offer great products highly suggested for professional office use. In addition, be sure to inquire with your dealer of choice about bulk discount pricing, free shipping, and current closeout specials that may be available. If you're looking to purchase an entirely new furniture configuration for your space, savings should definitely be made available.

8.) Lead Times

So you've found the perfect conference table, but will it be available when you need it? All too often business furniture shoppers are faced with tight project deadlines. When searing for your new table, be sure to inquire about how long tables will take to ship. While most tables from brands like Mayline and Cherryman Industries are typically in stock, more customizable solutions like the tables from Global Total Office are made to order and take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. Be sure to leave yourself with ample time to ensure you're able to purchase the table you love and don't end up settling due to a time crunch. Most industry professionals recommend shopping 5 weeks before you need your products and scheduling delivery around a time that works best for you.
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