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Create An Adjustable Workspace With ESI Products

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In today's modern world, ergonomic office accessories are something no workspace should be without. Unfortunately, too many business owners just don't know what's out there that could help their business. Well, there's good news! ESI Ergonomic Solutions has everything you need to improve the comfort, health, and efficiency of any office. With these high tech accessories offered by ESI, users can transform their office, and improve work experience tenfold in a snap!

Keyboard Trays

ESI Retractable Sit Stand Keyboard Tray

Keyboard trays are a wonderful innovation for anyone that experiences hand or wrist pain while typing. Often, the problem that causes this pain can be traced to a keyboard that sits atop a desk, forcing users to bend their wrists unnaturally to type. Choosing affordable keyboard trays for office use from brands like ESI allow users to type from a more natural position. By mounting underneath an office desk, platforms can rise, fall, and tilt for users to type comfortably. Over time it reduces the risk of joint pain, wrist pain, and aching hands, in addition to improving circulation and reducing the chance for problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Monitor Arms

2 Screen Pole Mounted Monitor Arm by ESI

Monitor arms are another ergonomic solution that can greatly reduce pain in the office. ESI offers a number of high tech single and dual screen monitor arms that make computer work an efficient, pain-free experience. Models like the EDGE2-28 2 Screen Monitor Arm by ESI are wonders at relieving pain caused by misplaced computer screens. When users strain to see their computer, they stretch over desks and leave their heads in unnatural positions for extended periods, causing crippling neck, upper back, shoulder, and muscle pain after several days. ESI adjustable monitor arms for computer use work by mounting computer screens to desks or walls, and allowing users to adjust the screen to their optimum viewing position. The EDGE2-28 even offers a two-screen option for faster, more productive work!

CPU Holders

ESI Storable CPU Holder

Anyone that's ever spilled coffee on a hard drive knows how devastating the feeling is. After the sparks clear, the slow realization that nearly all your work might be gone can ruin anyone's day. Instead of waiting for the accident to happen though, why not stop it before it does? As a producer of smart ergonomic office products, of course ESI offers a brilliant solution to save hard drives from office spills.  Rather than leaving computer CPUs on the ground, ESI recommends CPU holders to keep hard drives out of the way. Wheeled CPU holders offer mobility while ergonomic CPU holders under desks keep hard drives out of the kick zone and out of the splash zone. Many of them even offer easy access features so users don't have to crawl to the back of their desk to rewire circuitry. For ESI,  ergonomic CPU holders are just money savers in disguise.


Solstice LED Lamp with Charging Station by ESI

Office lighting may seem like a simple necessity, but for ESI, lighting is an art. This brand produces an array of lamps and overhead lighting features to brighten your workday, and many of them even offer bonus features! Options like the Solstice Dual Purpose LED Lamp by ESI not only light up workspaces, but it also provides a charging station. Rather than sacrificing a power outlet or flash drive to charge your smart phone, simply plug your device into the Solstice lamp and let it do it's thing. In no time at all, you can have phones, mp3 players, and other handhelds charged and ready for use, without ever having to unplug your lamp to charge them. How's that for high tech?

Specialized Products

ESI WOW Workstation on Wheels

Although many other brands cannot match the price and innovation of ESI ergonomic products, many of them do offer some of the same devices. Monitor arms, lamps, and keyboard trays aren't exactly new to the office world, but ESI offers many specialized devices that are! In addition to all their high tech accessories for office use, ESI also offers great ergonomic workstations like the WOW, and ergo footrests to prevent foot pain in the office. There is even the ORION-COMBO Tablet Mount by ESI, which is basically a monitor arm for tablets! All in all, ESI Ergonomic Solutions lives up to its name. It brings high tech answers to workplace problems that most don't even realize are there, but once you find the answer, you'll never go back!
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