Thursday, April 10, 2014

Executive Office Chairs 101

Executive Office Chairs 101

A professional and comfortable executive office chair is an important business investment that will help to increase your workplace efficiency. In today's article we'll highlight all of the important features and tips you'll need to know when selecting a new seating solution for your office in 2014.


The first thing you'll want to know when in search of a new chair is what brands are best. With thousands of solutions available on the market today, this important question is a must ask for shoppers! In 2014, trend setting manufacturers like Global Total Office are bringing to market innovative new and luxurious executive chairs like the Arti and G20. Other popular manufacturers include RFM Preferred Seating and Eurotech for those in search of a more modern look. Solutions like the Eurotech Brown Leather Odyssey Chair are long time favorites that showcase a versatile look that won't break your budget. Speaking with your dealer of choice will help to provide further insight as to what brands and models are best for your specific needs.


One key factor to consider when shopping for a new executive office chair is upholstery. The three most popular solutions include leather, fabric, and mesh back options. In years past, black leather was considered the must have choice of interior design teams and consumers alike. However, this year has brought with it several emerging upholstery trends that must be taken into account. Hot new color options like white, gray, and tan leather are becoming more widely available on popular models. In addition to leather executive chairs for sale in 2014, many unique fabric upholstery options are being used that provide the ability to showcase your personal style.


The two main executive chair styles include modern and traditional variations. Today's most modern executive office chairs for sale feature a combination of mesh, leather, and fabric upholstered models geared towards the highest standards of ergonomic capabilities. Traditionally style executive seating will most commonly feature black, burgundy, and deep brown leather upholstery options. Modern solutions work well in upscale and cutting edge business settings while traditionally styled chairs are a top choice in government and law applications.


Here's where things get a bit tricky. While comfortable ergonomic chairs for executives can be purchased for as little as $200, there is virtually no end to the price spectrum. Some of the industries most high end models like the Presidential Concorde Chair by Global are priced well into the thousands. When shopping, be sure to set a reasonable budget and identify the features you need to work effectively throughout your day. While the extensive bells and whistles available on models like the Concorde are nice to have, they may not be necessary for your everyday executive.


We've saved the most important point for last! No matter the style of chair your searching for, ergonomic efficiency should be the key focal point of your shopping process. Choosing the right ergo features will ensure a productive work day and improved productivity. That being said, it's important to know your body type to determine what chair attributes will help contribute most and which will not. Meeting with a health care specialist will provide excellent insight as to what factors will be a must have in your chair. The good news is, attributes that were once thought of as luxury add on features are now becoming the industry standard. Lumbar support, tilt tension mechanisms, adjustable arms, and pneumatic seats are widely available on popular office chairs priced around the $200 mark.
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