Monday, April 28, 2014

Office Showcase 2014: Modern Interiors That Rock

Thinking of pursuing an office makeover? Well, you're in luck! In today's post, we'll take a look at some amazing modern office interiors and describe what makes them so appealing. From colors, to materials, to textures, and more, learn what makes office interior design so spectacular in 2014. Here's an interior for every office situation to help inspire you. Enjoy!

Cool Conference Room

The Asian inspired look of this serene conference room instantly dissipates any tension that could possibly arise. This interior space makes use of all the checkpoints that mark smart industrial design. With dark wood furniture, a glass tabletop, chrome accents and comfortable conference chairs with modern style, this conference room has enough contemporary appeal to hold up with the most high tech  of modern spaces. Yet it offers a wonderful natural touch in the plants and earth-themed wall installation that make this conference room a perfect blend of technology and nature!

Rockin' Reception Area

This rockin' reception area does everything a reception area should! Complete with complimentary colors, cool modern lighting, and plenty of textures to keep the eye interested, visitors will never be without something to look at. Contemporary curved desks for office reception welcome guests from all directions, making this curved welcome desk a smart choice. In addition, it also boasts space saving multi user benefits that allow more than one person to fit comfortably behind the workstation. The calm green coloring of this pretty reception area is accented by a bright burst of colorful flowers. Together, they take a bite out of the fear many experience when entering a dental office, reflecting the desires of the business, and leaving customers at ease.

Elegant Executive Office

This executive office is comfortable, stylish, utilitarian, and very modern. Like the conference room above, it meets all the style needs of any 2014 interior office space. Adding executive desks with dark wood exteriors brings offices like this one down to earth. The chrome and glass accents lift it back up just enough to brighten the space and give a nod toward the future. This elegant modern executive office boasts plenty of storage to save space and also provides contemporary seating for any guests. The cool wall art keeps the eye interested while the area rug prevents scuffs on the floor, providing a trendy useful space to get work done.

Groovy Lobby

Bursting with bright colors, this lobby has plenty to look at. It sets the impression for this office as one which is fun, modern, and creative, and no doubt the looks live up to the business's standards. The amazing lobby guest chairs feature trendy design to compliment the rest of the space. With the complimentary teal and orange create a zesty style that's sure to feel like a vacation all by itself for the vacationers at this stunning hotel!

Wacky Waiting Room

And last but not least, we give you this incredible contemporary waiting room! Featuring all sorts of strange shapes, bright colors, and exquisitely creative lighting, this waiting room will keep guests entertained until kingdom come just on looks alone. With cool modern reception seating and end tables with convenient placements, visitors will always have exactly what they need to stay comfortable and entertained. With a look this drastic, the waiting room definitely reflects the progressive modern look of the business. With crazy shapes and outstanding colors, guests will feel like they've left earth entirely to achieve a new plane of out-of-this-world style!

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