Friday, April 11, 2014

Popular Boardroom Design Trends of 2014

Boardrooms are a quintessential part of almost every high end office. Not only are they places where the future of the company is decided, but they must also be stylish enough to play host to visiting executives. In short, boardrooms are a delicate balance of sophisticated style and functionality. To help you design your boardroom space, here are the top boardroom design trends of 2014. Enjoy!

Elliptical Tables

Alba Laminate Conference Table by Global

Choosing stylish boardroom tables with modern design is the first step to creating a professional space for meetings. While there is a vast sea of amazing tables out there perfect for conference use, 2014 has shown elliptical tables to be the catch of the day! Unlike rectangular and boat shaped tables, elliptical designs use subtle curves to create the perfect mix of elegance and contemporary appeal. Since circular tables typically only fit small board rooms, ellipticals are a great way to comfortably fit more people while still maintaining the same air of equality offered by round tables. They're offered in tons of colors and sizes for convenience. Just add some cool modern chairs and you're set!

Industrial Style

Modern Boardroom

Like elliptical tables, industrial design has proven to be a big trend this year, and it's no surprise as to why. Businesses everywhere want to show progressiveness and an inclination towards the future. Naturally, going with a high tech style to match high tech ideals is a great way to show them off! Tables like the JUNCTION 1 Modular Table by Global offer a wonderfully industrial style. With a unique elliptical top and a shining tungsten frame, all users have to do is choose an appealing dark wood finish such as tiger mahogany or espresso, and they're well on their way to a high end place to treat guests.

Add Glass for Class

OFM Contemporary Glass Table

For anyone that really wants to pursue a clean, industrial look, nothing says elegance like glass. Because of its see-through quality, glass seems to have a magic ability to increase the illusion of space in a room, making it an excellent decorating material for small offices. In addition, glass accents and tables have a certain class about them that just can't be ignored. The GT4794 Contemporary Glass Table by OFM features a simplistic style with gentle curves and stainless steel for the ultimate in modern style. The result is a gorgeously effortless look with a light, airy feel that's sure to turn heads in the workplace.

Dark Wood Finishes

Mayline Aberdeen Boat Shaped Conference Table

Dark wood furniture seems to have become another staple of the industrial look in 2014, and it isn't that hard to figure out why. Pairing dark, stylish wood tables for boardroom use with bright, shiny chrome, glass, and steel makes for a great contrast in any space. Altogether, the look becomes a study in light and dark, with the chrome and glass hinting towards the modern, and the dark wood furniture providing a traditional sense of class. Executives and coworkers alike will love and appreciate the well balanced look. All it needs is one last thing...

White Conference Chairs

White Conference Chairs

White chairs are a beautiful way to complete the industrial style for a new boardroom. All too often, designers stress over what sort of seating to put in a meeting area. Finding a chair that's comfortable enough to sit in for hour long conferences but also has enough class to hold its own against a stunning industrial designed boardroom is no easy task. However, going with white mesh or upholstery like the Hendrix-HB-WH Contemporary Managers Chair by Woodstock helps ensure that everything matches. The white will provide the perfect highlight to any dark wood tables, and it also provides a clean, professional feel that any executive can appreciate!
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