Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 10 Round Conference Tables of 2014

While conference tables are essential to most office environments, unfortunately, sometimes square footage can be an issue. Those without enough room for an eight foot long conference table often feel forced to sacrifice looks for the style they need. However, manufacturers are hipping up to the plight of smaller offices. Taking a queue from King Arthur, they have come up with the solution of round tables for conference use. Space saving and ever stylish, here are ten of the best round tables on sale today!

Brighton Round Table by Mayline
First on our list is the Brighton BTCTR48 Round Conference Table by Mayline for your office. From one of Mayline's most affordable lines, it's only natural that the BTCTR48 is such a popular round table choice. This table features a 48" diameter top, generous by round table standards, and one never has to sacrifice style. This beautiful table is available in two gorgeous finishes to impress guests with ease. For anyone on a tight floor plan and a tight budget, few things can top this table for conference applications.

Amber Collection Conference Table by Cherryman
Another favorite space saver is the Cherryman A721 Amber Collection Conference Table for meeting areas. Whether you're meeting with a few friends in the break room or a few executives in a small conference area, the A721 can definitely hold it's own. Available in four stylish finishes with a sturdy cross base, this table fits in meeting areas, conference rooms, break rooms, and executive offices alike.
Espresso Meeting Table with Round Top by Offices To Go
Next up is the beautiful SL42R-AEL Meeting Table by Offices To Go for conference use. Like the Brighton, this table is a miracle for small offices. It features a 42" diameter top (also available in other sizes) with a compact cross base for ample leg room. Boasting a popular espresso finish with an affordable price to match, it is an option that should never be glanced over.
Modern Graphite Finished Meeting Table
Speaking of options that should never be glanced over, why not take a gander at the beautiful 55129 Modern Graphite Finished Meeting Table by OFM for your office? With leveling guides, a self-edge banding, and steel caps on the base for protection, this table is built to last. It requires no tools for assembly and boasts a unique base design that's sure to turn heads in the workplace.

Ventnor Round Conference Table by Offices To Go
Want a table with a base to match the top? Well, then it sounds like the Ventnor VF42R Round Conference Table by Offices To Go may be the match for you. This small round conference table features a veneer construction with your choice of either a toffee or cordovan finish. The drum base looks great in executive offices and small meeting rooms alike.
Mayline Round Corsica Table

Like Ventnor, the Mayline CTRND Corsica Round Conference Table is also an excellent choice for executive offices and meeting rooms. The Corsica line by Mayline is known for bringing together the best and brightest of office design, and this round table doesn't disappoint. Compete with stylish beveled edges and segmented veneer surfaces available in both mahogany and sierra cherry, the Corsica meeting table offers excellent executive fashion for any small conference room.

Contemporary Rounde Conference Table by LesroFor a meeting table with lots of options, few things can top the V1936T8 Round Conference Table by Lesro for office use. Available in six different finish choices, chances are, this table will match just about any set of wood furniture out there. All finishes are hand rubbed for luxury appeal and the unique base provides an eye catching sight that's sure to impress.
Santana Modern Round Coffee Table
Speaking of eye-catching impression, it's time we introduced a table with some serious "wow" power. The Santana CT210B Round Glass Top Table by Woodstock is just one of the brand's most stylish table options. Like it's coffee and end table counterparts, the Santana CT210B offers a unique look for the impressive office. It boasts a stylish chrome frame to support a glass top providing the perfect blend of elegant professionalism and modern style. With numerous sizes available, it makes an ideal option for small conference rooms everywhere.

Verde Conference Table by Cherryman
Next, we give you the ever-modern VL-869 Cherryman Verde Conference Table for your workplace. Featuring rich dark wood with chrome accents,  the VL-869 makes a superb addition to break rooms, meeting areas, and conference rooms alike. Like the others, it's small round design emphasizes equality among associates and it provides an excellent surface for corporate brainstorming.
Mystic Conference Table by Lesro
And last, but never least, we leave you with the S1948K4 Mystic Series Modern Conference Table by Lesro for your office. Lesro provides this table in many varying designs. One option is a simple table, another has wheels for mobility, but the one featured here includes a convenient shelf for easy storage. Of course, being from Lesro, the table offers a vast array of different finish options, with the buyer's choice of either silver or black frames. Just as it makes the perfect addition to any small conference area, so too does it make the perfect ending to our list!
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