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Unique Upholstery Options by RFM Preferred Seating

In the world of office furniture, no one offers quite as many options as RFM Preferred Seating. Not only does this brand possess an astounding collection of top-of-the-line ergonomic chairs, but it also offers them in one of the most impressive arrays of colors and patterns. However, because RFM offers so many fabric options it may be hard to pick a favorite. In today's post we'll consider the looks of some RFM favorites, and offer fabric recommendations to help narrow down your search. Good luck!

Internet Office Chair

Internet Office Chair by RFM

 Don't let the simple curves of the 4895 Internet Office Chair by RFM fool you. This chair is a wonder of comfortable innovation. It is available in three sizes to fit multiple body types and comes with a non-cascading seat for superior comfort. In fact, the Internet chair is available with the owner's choice of seven seat options, including the 1500 deep tractor seat. The pillow comes standard for neck support so the occupant may remain cozily supported all day.

Because the Internet chair does not feature a lot of textured patterns built into it's frame, the chair can work a patterned fabric without looking too conspicuous. Here are the swatches we recommend:

   Tuff Cloth Space Blue            Axis Grove            Mainframe Cordovan

Tuff Cloth - Space BlueAxis GroveMainframe Cordovan

RFM Verte

RFM Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

The RFM Verte has long been a favorite of back pain sufferers because of it's highly sophisticated design. The 11 torsion sprain-loaded joints allow the Verte to articulate ideally and take an exact impression of the user's spine. With the ability to lock the joints in place, users experience the only the best support for their backs, prompting many to herald the Verte as one of the best ergonomic chairs for back pain on the market. For many, it is the most comfortable chair they've ever sat in.

Unlike the Internet Chair, the 22111 Verte Ergonomic Chair by RFM boasts a very "textured" appearance with the 11 torsion spring-loaded joints visible from the back. Featured here in a smooth black leather, the Verte is also available in RFM's fabulous fabrics. However, because of the textured look, it's better to choose solid fabrics rather than patterned ones so it doesn't draw too much attention:

     Element Feldspar      Foundation10 Mercury     Mosaic Cerulean

Echelon Mesh Chair
Echelon Mesh Office Chair by RFM

The Echelon Series by RFM is a furniture favorite! These chairs are compact, affordable, and comfortable, making them perfect for use at home, in cubicles, at desks, or even in meeting rooms. The comfort molded tractor seat is rated for up to 300 lbs. and it also features multi function control, a ratchet back, a seat slider, and well defined lumbar support. With a height adjustable, breathable mesh back, chairs like the RFM 1935Q Echelon Mesh Office Chair make an excellent discount chair for public work environments.

The Echelon features a mesh back, but it's the comfortable seat where users can choose their fabric. Because the solid mesh tones down any textures, choosing a patterned fabric is perfectly alright. It will not distract, but solid colors look just as well too. It's hard to go wrong with this one. We recommend:

        Element Blaze                Axis Paprika            Mainframe Avocado

Rainier Chair 

Ranier High Back Office Chair by RFM

It's hard to compete with the Rainier Chair Series by RFM. Not only are these chairs affordable, but they also boast the high tech ergonomic design that RFM is famous for. Featuring four-function control, a ratchet back, a seat slider, and extra lumbar support for back pain sufferers, the R4 Rainier High Back Chair by RFM is a steal at it's current affordable price. It goes great in both home and business environments alike.

Rainier Series chairs do not have an extremely textured appearance so they look good in both patterned and solid fabrics. Here's what we recommend:

        Mosaic Laurel        Tuff Cloth Brandy Wine    Element Sapphire

Mosaic Laurel Tuff Cloth Brandy WineElement Sapphire

Tuxedo Managers Chair

Tuxedo managers Chair

Designed by Hector Coronado, this chair expertly combines handsome style with exquisite ergonomic comfort. Just like a nice tuxedo, the Tuxedo Chair is tailored for a perfect fit, offering three optional seat sizes, arm styles, and controls for the ultimate personalized chair. The 4515 Tuxedo chair featured hear boasts a 300 lb. weight capacity with a ratchet back, dual density durability, and a look that can't be beat. It makes the perfect attire for any executive or managerial office.

Because the Tuxedo boasts a substantially dark, thick frame, bright solid colors and patterns can turn it into the liveliest part of a room. Thankfully, there are plenty of RFM Preffered Seating chairs for sale that can do the same thing. Some recommended swatches are:

      Element Copper          Foundation10 Flame          Mosaic Taupe

 Element Copper  Foundation10 Flame Mosaic Taupe

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