Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Executive Office Makeover

Executive Office Furniture

A well designed executive office space shows creativity and professionalism. In today's article, we'll showcase just how easy it can be for you to create the executive space of your dreams. This step by step guide provides the necessary tips, tricks, and product suggestions you'll need to get this DIY project done right. Enjoy!

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

The first step in any office makeover project involves proper assessment of your individual needs. Start by effectively measuring your office area to determine the layout and square footage you have to work with. Be sure to notate entry ways, windows, and power outlets. Next, make a list of goals for your project including the style you hope to achieve, the budget you want to stay within, and a time frame for completion.

Step 2: Choose A Decor Style

In 2014, the modern look reigns supreme! However, other popular styles include traditional, contemporary, retro, and industrial. No matter the style you choose to incorporate in your space, it's important to stay within the boundaries of your theme to achieve a cohesive and professional look.

Step 3: Paint

You can settle for neutral wall colors if you like, but if you're considering a full makeover, painting is best handled before you assemble your new furniture to avoid multiple movements. Choosing colors that best represent your executive personality and decor theme will help to showcase your space to perfection.

Step 4: Choosing The Right Office Furniture

The main focal point of your executive office will be the desk. That being said, it's very important to choose the proper configuration for your space. Smaller office areas are best outfitted with executive desks for corner use while larger office spaces can utilize more elaborate configuration ideas. When choosing a new office desk, be sure to shop from the industries top collections to ensure a cohesive look. Once you've chosen a desk from a collection you like, add storage components to help you stay organized. Often, office desks with U shape designs feature integrated pedestals and overhead storage hutches that will take care of this need. No matter your choice, the list of top selling office furniture collections below will provide excellent design inspiration and insight.

Top Executive Furniture Collections To Consider:

Verde by Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Verde Series

Amber by Cherryman Industries 

Cherryman Amber Series

Napoli by Mayline

Mayline Napoli Series

Brighton by Mayline

Mayline Brighton Series

Superior Laminate Desking by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods

Step 5: Choose A Comfortable Executive Chair

Now that your furniture is purchased, it's time to focus on comfort. Shopping professional chairs for executive use can be a long and tedious process. With thousands of models available for sale online, the choices can be overwhelming to say the least. The best course of action is to first determine a general style of chair you feel will work best for you. Popular styles include both fabric and leather models with high back and mid back back frames. Next determine the ergonomic features you feel you need to work efficiently. Lumbar support, adjustable arms, tilt features, and many more are available on most seating solutions around the $300 price point. Lastly, choose a reputable manufacturer you like, determine a model that will work best, and shop for the best value. You can visit showrooms or work with dealers to provide helpful insight. As most of your day will be spent sitting, it's important to take your time with this step to determine the best solution for your individual needs.

Popular Executive Chair Brands Include:

Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating

Global Total Office

Global Total Office

RFM Preferred Seating

RFM Preferred Seating Logo

Offices To Go

Offices To Go

Step 6: Accessorize

Once you've purchased your furniture and seating, it's time to accessorize by equipping your workstation with ergonomic products designed to make your life in the office easier. Popular accessories include ergonomic monitor arms that adjust to create more useable desk space, as well as retractable keyboard trays. Adding LED desk lighting, CPU mounts, and other popular products will also provide helpful relief while working if you want to take your space over the top.

Step 7: Delivery and Installation

The final step of your executive office makeover will the delivery and installation phase. Upon purchase of your new products, take the time to inquire with your dealer of choice about an estimated shipping time. If possible, schedule delivery around a time that works for you. In the time frame leading up to delivery, be sure to prep your space accordingly by removing all existing furniture while creating a staging area to place boxed products when they arrive. Most furniture installation is very simple and can be handled easily with 2 individuals. On average, desks for executive office areas around 45 minutes to assemble and can be handled effectively with allen wrenches and screw drivers. Additional tools you may consider having on hand include a cordless drill, pliers, and first aid kit as safety always comes first.

Once your furniture is completely assembled, you'll not doubt be left with extensive packing materials. Be sure to prepare accordingly by leaving room in your business dumpster. Break down the boxes to save space and use trash bags to collect the smaller fodder. Once complete, you'll be ready to enjoy your professional executive space!
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