Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get Ergofied On A Budget!

Is your office ergofied? Perhaps the better question is, are your working comfortably and efficiently throughout your workday? If not, it's time for a change. In 2014, creating an ergonomically effective work environment is more achievable than ever. In today's post we'll highlight the versatile products you need to take your work life to the peak of ergo performance... without breaking the bank!

Adjustable Ergonomic DeskThe most essential part of any professional office space is the desk and workstation. A wide selection of ergonomic desks that adjust are now available from top brands that won't break your office makeover budget. Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Ergonomic Concepts, and Mayline all offer hand crank and electronic height assist desks that allow users to quickly switch from sitting to standing work positions. Adjustable ergo desks are great for those suffering from back pain and add an extra element of versatility to any space. Quality models from each of the above brands range from around $700 to $1500 depending on your specific space requirements. When compared to traditional desks for executive office use, this price point is spot on!

Eurotech Wau ChairOnce you've chosen a ergonomically effective command center for your home or business workspace, it's time to think about purchasing a quality chair. The best ergonomic chairs for sale in 2014 offer features like lumbar support, arm adjustability, bank angle, and much more to ensure a comfortable computing experience. When it comes to ergo chairs, it's hard to top the solutions from brands like Eurotech Seating and Global Total Office. These two industry leaders offer solutions starting around $200 that won't let you down. While high dollar chairs for executives are widely available, creating a properly ergofied space doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune. Excellent chairs with features once though of as a luxury are now becoming the industry standard. That being said, extend your budget by choosing a quality chair with the same features at a fraction of the price! Great ways to save include going with a synthetic leather upholstery, shopping mesh back models, and inquiring about current specials and free shipping promotions.

Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard TrayNow that we've handled the desk and chair combination, it's time to accessorize! Any ergo specialist will tell you that the right combination of ergonomic office accessories will drastically improve your workplace performance. That doesn't mean you should rush out to purchase every product on the market. Take the time to research popular ergonomic products for office use and select items you feel you can actually benefit from. We've highlighted three of our favorites in below.

Retractable keyboard trays are affordable and extremely helpful. Brands like ESI, Symmetry, and Systematix all offer excellent tray and articulating arm combos for under $200. Using a quality keyboard tray setup will help to improve your work posture while simultaneously creating more usable desk space when compared to the old ways of just sitting your keyboard on the desk top! Needless to say, an adjustable keyboard platform with articulating arm setup is a must for any properly ergofied space.

Dual Screen Mount for Computer Monitors
Still working with one monitor? It's time to revolutionize your work style! Another product once thought of as a high tech luxury, monitor mounts for 2 screens are now becoming the industry standard. Units like the EDGE2 mount from ESI offer users the ability to install easily via a clamp or grommet system. These dual screen setups are sure to improve your computing speed while offering a wide range of adjustment capabilities for customizable performance. Like with ergo keyboard trays, dual screen mounts also help to free up usable desk space.

CPU MountLast but certainly not least, CPU holders are a great way ergofy your space while improving your security. These affordable systems come in a vertical or horizontal mounting styles and help to keep your computers power source off the ground. Protect your self against outside factors like theft and water damage while enhancing your ergo appeal. Not sure if you need a CPU holder? No problem! Ever accidentally kick your CPU when getting settled in at your desk? This can be quite damaging. Tired of those adventures under the desk to plug in wires or install new devices? Talk about frustrating! A cost effective CPU holder like the CPULOCK-K model from ESI will help prevent these common office headaches while providing easy access to your command centers power source. At just over $100, adding this product is a no brainer.
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