Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get To Know Your Office Chair Brand: Eurotech Seating

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Every shopper should know who they're dealing with, but it can be difficult when shopping online. That's why we're starting a new set of posts to inform customers about the brands behind the products! Today, we start with one of the best chair brands around - Eurotech Seating. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, here we'll share the standards, history, and secrets of this popular company. Enjoy!

History and Affiliations

Eurotech Seating is a division of the incredible Raynor Group. Beginning in 1979, this furniture company has brought high end office products to shoppers for a quarter century. It started as a marketing and customer service organization for various furniture manufacturers, and still works today as the powerhouse being marketing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution for a select group of office furniture products. As a part of this group, shoppers can rest assured Eurotech Seating products for sale exhibit only the highest standards of quality excellence and service. The Raynor Group remains one of the fastest and most successful marketing, manufacture, and distribution companies in the United States, and Eurotech is right alone with them.

Mission, Standards, and Quality Ergonomic Design

Long affiliations with the Raynor Group and years in manufacturing quality office products turned Eurotech Seating into one of the most efficient manufacturers of custom furniture anywhere. However, today it is their meticulous research into the human body and it's needs that makes Eurotech stand out. Eurotech pays attention to the details of how the body responds to repetitive work-related tasks. Their healthy ergonomic office chairs are products of this knowledge, used to reduce stress and strain while meeting the everyday needs of office workers. Because of this commitment, Eurotech Seating remains one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in ergonomics and design. Their most popular furniture series, the Ergohuman, Chakra, Bodyflex, and Symbian rely on promoting safety, comfort, productivity, and health in their clients.

Versatility and Fabrix

Eurotech boasts an extremely wide array of chairs in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each series is designed with a different goal in mind to aid office users in every way possible. Made to meet the real-world needs of everyday office workers, Eurotech provides a chair for every personality, and now, with the Fabrix program, Eurotech's most popular chairs are offered in up to 215 fun fabrics! Eurotech's customized colorful office chairs are stylish, boasting enough versatility to adapt to existing office decor, making this brand a favorite of interior designers.

Greenguard Supported

It's no surprise to learn that any brand as committed to humans as Eurotech would also be committed to the environment. With Greenguard working beside them, users can rest assured their Eurotech products meet the rigorous demands of a Greenguard Certification. With progressive, environmentally conscious names like Ergohuman, Symbian, Hawk, Apollo, Fuzion, and even Chakra, Eurotech's seating series are good for both the environment and the human body. With these healthy office chairs to improve indoor air quality, office workers won't have to spend on expensive electric air filters for office use. All Eurotech products have been approved.

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