Monday, May 19, 2014

Know Your Chair Brand: Offices To Go

Offices To Go Logo

Every shopper should know where their products come from, and that starts with knowing the brand! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to know the backstory behind the brand they're shopping from, so they know if a product is a good fit for them. Today, we're continuing our "Get to Know Your Brand" series by introducing Offices To Go. Enjoy!

Mission and Affiliations

Global Total Office LogoGreenguard Seal

Frequent shoppers of office furniture will probably recognize big name brands like Global Total Office, and Offices To Go, but did you know that they are affiliated? That's right! Chances are if you're one of the millions that has grown to respect and rely on the office furniture giant Global Total Office, you'll appreciate that Offices To Go is actually a division of that corporation. Like it's counterpart, Offices To Go is a brand that makes comfort and efficiency in the workplace a priority. They offer chairs and quality office desks and workstations to users for affordable prices. All of their furniture goes through stringent testing to ensure consumers get exactly what they need. Like with Global, just look for the Greenguard Certification seal if you want a product that's eco friendly!


Offices To Go Mesh Back Managers Chair

Offices To Go seating offers chairs for every need in the office. Whether you find yourself in the lobby, in the conference room, the executive office, or behind the reception desk, Offices To Go offers popular chairs with plenty of style and choices sure to match your requirements. Shoppers can choose from great categories like Multifunction, Tilter, Task, Mesh, Management, and Luxhide Leather chairs. Nearly all have the Greenguard stamp for proper indoor air quality so users know they're getting only the best. With affordable prices and top of the line ergonomic features in tow, what's not to love?


Superior Laminate Multi User Desk

In line with their incredible seating options, Offices To Go desking is always high class. For anyone in need of top quality desking and furniture with contemporary design, the Superior Laminate Desking collection by Offices To Go is always worth a good look. Not only is this line beautiful, but it durable and versatile too, with furniture, tables, and storage for office use in both homes and businesses alike. The Margate and Ventnor office furniture series also offer gorgeous furniture for numerous applications. They bring style and contemporary appeal to all offices for an affordable price. Choose from an array of pretty laminate and wood veneer finishes to better match the decor of your workspace!

What's New?

Superior Laminate Desking

Just like Global Total Office, Offices to Go always stays on the cutting edge of office style. In 2014, look for great new components from the Superior Laminate Desking collection for your office. They have added stylish new cabinets and bookcases for office storage, with plenty of other cool furniture pieces. A rich new espresso finish is available alongside a clean white Luxhide upholstery in Offices To Go's textiles and finishes department too. Don't miss out!
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