Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Know Your Chair Brand: RFM Preferred Seating

RFM Seating

For those of you in search of only the best for your office, search no farther than RFM for your chair. As one of the most respected office chair manufacturers in the industry, this award-winning brand has been brining top quality ergonomic seating to offices for a long time. Here, we'll showcase the best of what RFM has to offer, so you can know you can know your brand all the better. Enjoy!

Mission and History

RFM Verte

For more than thirty-five years, RFM Preferred Seating has been bringing top quality furniture to workplaces all over the nation. With a mission to make sure every office is equipped with state of the art seating, it's not surprising to learn that their history of producing fully customizable products continues to this day. Offering high tech office chairs with adjustable features and stunning design, RFM remains a leader in the world of office seating. Every model is designed with exacting standards to improve the health, quality, productivity, and efficiency of any user that sits in their chairs!

Versatile Seating

Unlike many other furniture brands that sacrifice design for versatility, RFM has remained solely focused on chairs as long as they've been around. Since all the energy of this top brand name has gone into producing one style of furniture, it's no surprise to learn they've perfected it. In fact, many RFM Preferred Seating office chairs have been credited with being some of the most comfortable commercial office chairs anywhere. Their seating options don't end at the desks either. With multifunction, bariatric, guest, computer, and training chairs all in their lineup, there is an RFM chair for every part of the office, from the lobby to the conference room! With enough ergonomic features to stretch from here to the moon, you can bet they're as comfortable as can be.

A Rainbow of Colors

Rainbow of Colors

One of the most popular reasons shoppers go so often to RFM for their office seating needs is because the brand offers an extremely diverse array of fabric options to clothe their chairs in. Most furniture brands don't offer half the versatility that RFM does when it comes to upholstery options. Almost all of the brand's colorful ergonomic computer chairs are available in the extensive array of choices that has come to characterize RFM as one of the most versatile office furniture manufacturers anywhere. Choose from fiery equinox red, to sapphire, bayou, symphony, or anything else your heart desires. If you can find it in the rainbow, chances are you'll find it on an RFM chair!

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Founded in a state that has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental sustainability, RFM has made environmental concerns a part of their mission since their founding. Stringently tested and officially certified by MAS "Materials Analytical Services" for low-emitting products, this brand is continuing it's tradition of always incorporating environmental awareness into every bit of their manufacturing and distribution process. Along with great brands like Eurotech and Global Total Office furniture, RFM has been added to the ranks of best eco-conscious office furniture brands to buy from.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

At last, we get down to the nitty-gritty of why RFM is such a favorite choice among shoppers. Of course, the versatile seating, high standards, and color options all play a factor, but by far, the best reason to go with RFM, if for nothing else, is the ergonomic design. This brand prides itself on being a leader in the office furniture world by setting the standard for high end ergonomic office chairs to hit. All their chairs, from the RFM Echelon Series, to the Verte, Ranier, and unique 8235 Carmel Office Chair by RFM, boast exquisite ergonomic components for the ultimate in support and comfort.

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