Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mr. Ergo Vs. Mr. Not: A Fun Guide To Proper Ergonomic Product Usage

Mr. NotMr. ErgoWe all know the importance of using high quality ergonomic products in the workplace. That being said, being an ergonomic guru goes far beyond adding the latest and greatest products. The proper useage of ergonomic items will no doubt help you achieve peak levels of performance in the workplace, while simply adding the latest and greatest devices without the proper knowledge will yield minimal results. In today's post we decided to have a bit of fun while comparing how Mr. Ergo would use products and how Mr. Not falls short. Enjoy!

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Mr. Ergo cares about improving his overall productivity in the workplace. He properly installs his new keyboard tray under his worksurface while following the instructions carefully. Upon installation, Mr. Ergo takes the time to research and review his products features in order to better educate himself. Mr. Ergo regularly adjusts his keyboard tray to meet his specific work style and enjoys a far more comfortable work day.

Unfortunately, Mr. Not breaks into the packaging and begins his installation process without following the much needed instructions. Once frustrated with his lack of progress, he hunts through the packaging materials in search of the instructions. Two hours later, Mr. Not's keyboard tray is installed and he goes about his work day. Eventually, Mr. Not figures out that his keyboard tray actually adjusts but never takes the time to figure out how the adjustments will benefit him. In the end, poor Mr. Not is left with a quality keyboard tray he doesn't understand and utilize properly, thus resulting in underachievement in the workplace.

Ergonomic Chair

Eurotech Bodyflex Chair

Mr. Ergo is excited to browse the web for high quality ergonomic office chairs designed for his specific needs. He takes the time to research features that will actually improve his work day, sets a budget, and begins to shop. In all his wisdom, Mr. Ergo settles on a cost effective model and purchases it accordingly. He found a coupon for additional savings and a website offering free shipping as a bonus. Once his chair arrives, Mr. Ergo follows the instructions once again and assembles his new chair flawlessly. As Mr. Ergo has already taken the time to review his chair features, he begins testing the adjustments and finds himself working at a much higher level of comfort. In the future, Mr. Ergo isn't afraid to adjust his chair in any situation. He doesn't settle for one sit style as he values the versatility of his investment and maximizes it's potential.

Always in a rush, Mr. Not hops online and searches for the most expensive office chairs money can buy. He assumes that as the chair costs more, it must be better. Mr. Not overpays for a very high quality office chair he has absolutely no knowledge of and thinks he's ahead of the curve. Two weeks pass and Mr. Not is wondering why his chair hasn't arrived. He calls his dealer and discovers that his specialized ergo chair is a made to order product and takes two months to manufacturer. He decides to wait as he's convinced he's made an excellent decision. The chair finally arrives and Mr. Not assembles it instruction free with minimal headaches. He boasts loudly of his achievement and gathers a crowd around his workstation. Showing off his luxury chair, he begins pulling random levers to show it's "features". Caught up in all his glory, a poorly tightened screw gives way and Mr. Not is now flat on his back with a chair in pieces. Mr. Ergo remarks from over his cubicle wall... "Should of read those instructions".

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Dual Screen Monitor Mount

While Mr. Ergo is working effectively with his new keyboard tray and ergonomic chair, he decides it's time to take his office adjustment capability to a whole new level. He calls his online ergonomic product specialist direct as a now repeat customer to discuss his needs. A helpful employee recommends a dual screen monitor arm and educates Mr. Ergo on the helpful features and benefits they have to offer. Mr. ergo browses the monitor mounts for two screens offered online and chooses a reputable model that fits his needs and budget. He's happy to report earning a repeat customer coupon for even greater savings and a smart buy he can be proud of. The monitor arm arrives and Mr. Ergo is pleased. He breaks out the the instructions and has his new ergo device up and running in no time. He properly mounts the screens once the arm is installed via a clamp mount on the back of his desk. He re checks the screws, routes his wires properly, and sets the movement tension to a desirable level. In the end, Mr. Ergo is not fully optimized for an efficient work day with his keyboard tray, ergonomic chair, and dual screen monitor arm.

Mr. Not sees that Mr. Ergo has added a fancy dual screen monitor arm. In attempt to regain ergonomic glory in the workplace he decides to one up Mr. Ergo and purchases a 4 screen monitor mounting system as more is always better, right? Wrong! With a lack of product knowledge, Mr. Not finds himself with a major headache on his hands. To proud to ask for help, he mounts his screens upside down but doesn't know. Once he's "finished" with his install he calls over to Mr. Ergo to take a look. Mr. Not then powers up his computer and notices the screens are upside down. He's also underestimated the size of the unit and now has an overly crowded desk space that's nearly unusable. Mr. Ergo takes pity on his underachieving friend and lends a hand with the do-over installation. It turns out, the two become friends during the process and Mr. Ergo takes a few minutes per day to educate his fellow coworker on the value of proper ergonomics in the workplace.
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