Friday, May 9, 2014

Save A Bundle With Cherryman Amber Furniture!

Looking to makeover your workplace? Lucky you! Cherryman Amber furniture makes a beautiful addition. Featuring desks, tables, reception stations, and so much more, the Amber collection offers brilliant office furniture to unite the whole office under one stylish look. Today, we'll highlight some popular Amber products and their versatile features. Enjoy!

Cherryman Amber Executive Workstation
The staple of almost every office is definitely the office desk. As the focal point of most rooms, it's important that office executive desks exhibit great style and functionality to stand apart in the workplace. With beautiful features and modular design, Cherryman Amber collection desks definitely fit the bill! They are offered in a vast array of configurations, colors, and sizes to fit in offices as diverse as they are. Whether you want a small affordable L shaped desk like the AM-331N Amber Desk or a large workstation like the AM-407N, you can be sure Amber desks will have just the right touch of modern appeal and traditionally-inspired charm to turn heads in the workplace with ease.

Cherryman Expandable Conference Table
Now that the executive office is taken care of, it's time to focus on another important room - the conference room. Since this is the place where business owners treat with guests and executives from other companies, it's important that the conference room offers both comfort and impressive looks. Fortunately, the Amber collection offers exactly what you'll need. Ranging from small round meeting tables to larger conference tables like the AM-375N Amber conference table, Cherryman allows users to expand the modern look of their executive space into the conference room. For anyone impressed by utility however, the Amber collection also boasts an expandable conference table for less than competitors, known as the AM-410N model. As they say, the more the merrier!

Cherryman Amber Multi User Reception Station
As good as executive and conference spaces must look though, arguably the most important place where looks count in the office is probably the reception area. But no worries! The Amber collection has taken care of that too. Stylish welcome stations from the Amber collection are a reception area favorite. Visitors love arriving to be greeted by one of these pretty desks. Complete with storage pedestals for the full time receptionist, Amber reception desks are also utilitarian. If you rely on multiple receptionists to get the job done, Amber also provides the gorgeous AM-403N multi user reception station available in five great finishes.
Cherryman Amber Vertical File Cabinet

So by this point, the office is pretty much decked out in an excellent Amber style, but we aren't done yet. As cool as they are, conference tables, office desks, and reception stations do not meet all the demands of the office. For everything else, there's storage furniture! Having plenty of quality office storage products is a huge part of keeping an office tidy and complete. Luckily, the Cherryman Amber collection boasts great office bookshelves to keep binders, books, and directories. Occaisional tables, file cabinets, and workstation cabinets keep everything in their place and out of sight.

Cherryman 2.1 Respond Task Chair
With the storage in place, finally it's time to accessorize. Although Cherryman does not offer ergonomic  supplies like stretching monitor arms for computer screens, or CPU holders, they do offer something else. All too often, designers go through all the trouble of creating a grand workspace, but adding in the old beat-up chairs from the previous look can ruin the whole illusion. Round out the elegance of Cherryman Amber furniture with discount Cherryman Respond Task Chairs for office use! Put them at the desk or in the conference room to finish the space. You may even win extra savings by bulk shopping since all items are from Cherryman! Good luck!

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