Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Versatile Brands to Consider for Your Next Office Makeover Project

Most of us have been through the experience before. You're out shopping, and just when you think all hope is lost, you finally find the perfect thing - only, it's in the wrong color, or size, or shape. It's the quintessential "close, but no cigar" moment that always leaves one feeling frustrated and empty-handed.  But fortunately, the office furniture world has solutions! For every interior designer out there that's had to let go of the perfect item, these brands save the day with amazing customizable versatility! Check 'em out!

RFM Preferred Seating

RFM Preferred Seating

For all your office seating and chair needs, RFM Preferred Seating is definitely the "preferred" option. With RFM, cutting edge ergonomic chairs are just an amazing side effect for interior designers. For most, the true allure comes from the brand's spectacular fabric upholstery options. RFM provides one of the largest color and pattern selections on the market for nearly all of their chairs. Shoppers can take their pick of the basics, choosing navy or black leather, or they can mix it up! Platinum, Brandywine, Cerulean, and even Space Blue are just a few of the stunning versatile fabrics on RFM chairs out today. Always comfortable, the customizable features make this brand a perfect choice for office designers.

Global Total Office

Global Total Office

From the reception area to the executive office, Global Total Office really covers it's bases by providing top quality furniture for almost every part of the office. But that's not the only reason this brand is such a favorite. In addition to providing versatile workplace furniture for every part of the office, Global also makes sure that it can fit with just about any existing decor. Almost every item from this brand comes in a wide array of laminate finish options, powdered steels, or customizable fabrics for chairs. The astounding versatility makes Global an ideal place to start for anyone looking for new furniture to match what they've already got.

Lesro Industries

Lesro Mystic Series Reception Furniture

From a brand that's dedicated to customer service, it's no surprise that Lesro Industries only caters to the guests. This brand is the choice for affordable modern reception furniture at a low price. With fashionable sofas, coffee tables, and end tables available from a wide array of cool Lesro furniture collections, shopping is never a disappointment. With a clever assortment of colors and fabrics for users, this brand has long been a favorite for lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms.

Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture Chairs

While Flash Furniture does not always provide a customizable fabric selector for their products, finding what you need is almost never a problem. As one of the biggest office furniture producers around, Flash relies on astounding variety to meet the needs of consumers. Those that shop with Flash always have low prices and plenty of options at their fingertips. More often than not, a chair seen in one color will almost always have twins in every color of the rainbow!


Mayline Office Furniture

Mayline is a brand that's well known for manufacturing quality office casegoods at affordable prices. However, affordability is not the only thing they offer. Much like Global, Mayline makes tables and desks for almost every part of the office. Whether you're shopping for an executive, the conference room, or for fun foldable training chairs, Mayline has got what you need in spades. Cool fabric and finish options by furniture collection complete the look along with a host of stylings to make decorating a cinch. It's always a top pick for office designers everywhere.

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