Thursday, June 19, 2014

Best Reception Desks for Office Welcome Areas

Reception areas are almost always the first impression a visitor will have of a business, so it's important that a reception desk looks stunning. Unfortunately for business owners though, one size does not fit all. Diverse workplaces will have different needs and floor plans that render some desk models useless, and others perfect! Here, we'll establish what desks are best for different welcome environments, so your office can wow guests from the start!

Small Reception Desks

Napoli Reception Desk by Mayline

You guessed it! Tiny reception desks are the ideal option for the small office welcome area, mainly because the compact size makes them a great fit. Although the general idea is that the "small" in small office welcome desks generally makes shoppers think that the desk will lack in features, this is certainly not the case. Office furniture manufacturers like OFM, Cherryman Industries furniture, and Mayline have become experts in making space-saving, efficient desks that combine curb-appeal with functionality so that even the smallest workspace can get the job done. Stunning wood laminate, veneer, chrome accents, and glass transaction counters turn heads, while expertly crafted storage features help the receptionist stay happy and organized!

Salon Reception Desks

Aberdeen Reception Desk by Mayline

Because spas and other beauty-oriented businesses need a little more pizazz to draw the customers in, business owners often rely on stunning welcome desks for salons to get the job done. Salon desks are often designed with a little bit more thought put into the their looks, especially since they're usually housed in places where beautification is key. The small size and user friendliness allows stylists to make quick transactions in a fast-paced environment. Because of the high class modern design, they're also becoming a regular alternative to reception desks in the average workplace as well.

Large Reception Desks

Global Zira Reception Desk

Something needs to fill the space in a large office, and for the guest area, nothing is better than a large reception desk to fill the void. Large reception desks are a big hit in the modern workplace. Not only do the spacious dimensions suggest business popularity and affluence, they also provide all the room needed for an all-day receptionist. Some models, like the AM-403N multi user reception desk by Cherryman can house more than one person for when the flow of guests is greater. They're always boasting ample storage features and style to turn a simple reception area into a fabulous first impression!

Modern Reception Desks

Modern Reception Desk

Boasting glass, chrome, and excellent contemporary features, few things are better for the fashion forward office than a gorgeous modern welcome desk. For businesses on the cusp of the industry, cool desks for office reception areas always let visitors know what the company is all about. They're the perfect choice for tech companies, software producers, and offices that blend a homey sort of charm with just the right amount of modern design to set an example of professionalism for guests.

Curved Reception Desks

Curved Reception Desk

For the office with an oddly shaped floor plan, sometimes stylish curved reception desks are the only thing that can work in the space. For long offices, wide offices, and spacious offices where guest seating can be all over the place, curved reception desks welcome visitors from all directions rather than a single one. Under the surface, these desks work to represent diversity and equality with a rounded design. For the eco-friendly office, a fun circular welcome desk can even represent the globe! An excellent pick for designers, the usefulness for a curved reception desk is only limited by the imagination.
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