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Colorful Chairs To Brighten Up The Workplace

Colorful Office Space

Interior design has a lot to do with the way an office is perceived by clients, customers, and guests, so why should all office chairs look the same? Sure, white, black, and leather chairs are popular, but they also don't always stand out. Adding bright, colorful seating to match cutting-edge decor is a surefire way to draw attention to your establishment and lift the spirits of everyone who walks in. So today, here are a few of our favorite colorful chairs to bring a little pizzazz to the office! Enjoy!

Red Chairs

Red Office Chair by Flash FurnitureRed RFM Managers ChairRed Leather Reception Chair by Flash Furniture

Red has long been one of the most stand-out colors on the color wheel. Often associated with health, love, warmth, and strong emotions, it is usually chosen to decorate care-oriented establishments such as childcare facilities, hospitals, and psychologist offices in order to let patrons know they're cared about. Choosing stylish red office chairs is a good decision if the goal is to give a little extra life to the workplace. The warm color looks beautiful with oranges, yellows, and neutrals, but it also gives a nice kick to soft purples, blues, or greens to make them stand out more. The 85250 Sierra Managers Chair by RFM is offered in the brand's wide array of color choices, but the red version is always the favorite.

Orange Chairs 

Orange Vinyl Modern Armless Office Chair by Flash FurnitureOrange Bodyflex Chair by EurotechCarmel High Back Ergo Chair by RFM

Orange is another color often associated with excitement and vitality. For interior designers, it is used as an attention grabber, and often paired with a calm teal or blue in order to balance the orange energy. As an office chair, we recommend orange fabric and mesh chairs if your office is in need of a bright, energetic focal point. The RFM 8235 Carmel Chair featured here is one of the most comfortable on the market. By forcing a shoulders-back posture, the chair trains the body to sit correctly, relieving back pain over time. While it is offered in RFM's vast array of incredible fabric choices, it is often preferred as the stunning ergonomic chair with orange fabric it is advertised as.

Yellow Chairs

Adjustable Yellow Cafe Bar Stool by Flash FurnitureModern Yellow Bar Stool by Flash FurnitureYellow Recoil Lounge Chair by OFM

Often considered the king of attention-grabbing colors, yellow shares many of the same energetic associations as orange does. However, it rests on a delicate balance. While it is often considered warm and cheerful, studies show that people have a tendency to lose their temper more frequently and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. For this reason, choosing bright yellow office guest chairs to stand out in a room is a much more sensible interior design decision than yellow paint for the walls. Soft, creamy yellows and beiges pair well with blues to counteract their intensity. However, purple is usually considered a much more appealing color combo with yellow since they compliment one another.

Green Chairs

Green Designer Office Chair by Flash FurnitureGreen Chakra Chair by EurotechCommute Office Chair by Mayline

Thought to be representative of good luck and prosperity, green has long been a popular choice for business establishments all over the nation. Since the rise of the Green Movement however, the color has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, offices that wish to convey an interest in eco-friendly practice often show their enthusiasm with green office furniture and seating in the workplace (in both the literal and metaphoric sense). The color is also a very popular choice for health facilities and spas because it evokes a sense of tranquility and health. For business owners that want an edge in the workplace, green has also been shown to improve reading ability! Definitely one of the more business-oriented colors on our list!

Blue Chairs

Blue Mesh Chair by Flash FurnitureAire Navy Blue Stack Chair by EurotechSidekick Big and Tall Guest Chair by RFM

Probably the most common color chosen to decorate offices, there are several reasons behind the popularity of blue. Whether or not office designers know it, several studies have shown that people tend to be much more productive in blue rooms than rooms of any other color. It is the color typically most preferred by men, and is known for evoking feelings of calmness and serenity. As the color of the ocean and the sky, light blue subconsciously creates a feeling of open space when painted on walls, making rooms appear bigger, so it is a popular choice for small offices and bedrooms. Cool, calm, and harmonious, affordable blue office chairs pair well with almost every other color in the rainbow. For all these reasons and more, it remains one of the most psychologically influential color choices for an office.

Purple Chairs

Symbian Ergonomic Chair by EurotechFlash Furniture Purple Mesh ChairPurple bar Stool by Flash Furniture

A popular choice for businesses that want to stand out as unique and special, purple is a color choice that never disappoints. Historically, it has been associated with royalty, but in more recent times has taken on a new air, representing wisdom, spirituality, or magic. Rarely occurring in nature, the color can psychologically feel exotic and special so it often appeals to up-and-coming new businesses. Choosing purple chairs and furniture for office use is a great way to help stimulate the creativity and imagination of employees. It pairs especially well with red, blue, orange, and bright green, and is one of the more favored colorful office chairs for designers in the workplace!

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