Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How To Stay Cool At Work During Hot Summer Months

Sometimes the AC just doesn't cut it. In the dog days of summer, just about everyone is looking for ways to keep cool, and for those in scorching offices, the heat can be almost unbearable. Fortunately, there are loads of great ways to stay chilly at work, even with the temperatures reaching record highs. Check out today's article for some clever ways to stay cool!

Chill Your Clothes

Dressing in layers may sound like a winter thing, but its the secret to this clever trick to stay cool! Simply bring a sweater with you the next time you head to work, write your name in it, and stick it in the break room refrigerator with your bag lunch. The next time your boss gets the urge to turn up the thermostat and save a few bucks, break out your freshly chilled sweater and feel the cool! It's an affordable trick that won't cost you anything and gives you an excuse to pack a healthy lunch for once! (There's nothing like chilled watermelon for a summer snack!)

Paper Fans

Even if your office is pretty eco-friendly, most drawer searches will yield a file or something you can use as a makeshift fan. Use this kids' craft to get creative with your co-workers and see who can design the best one. Simply fold a piece of paper back and forth until it's got a zig-zaggy wave to it, then staple the pleats together at one end to create a fan. For a sturdier model, head to the break room and snatch a paper plate. At your cubicle, cut the plate into a wedge-shape, then glue the skinny end to a wood pencil and voila! You have yourself a handy dandy paper fan to keep cool.

*Bonus trick: Those that spend the day typing at a computer may have to invest in a tiny mechanical fan, which is a bummer. But, the ones that have clips can be hooked onto the top of computer monitor arms for convenience to give you a continuous breeze while you work!

Air Purifiers

While paper fans are excellent for temporary relief in a mildly hot office, the scorchers definitely require something stronger. In the dog days of summer, waving a tiny paper fan back and forth doesn't always cut it. That's why we suggest investing in an air purifier. For those working in the city, cool office air purifiers not only circulate cool air, the filters also help to clean out any nasty VOCs that can trap the heat. Plants are also great helpers in this department since they absorb the heat-trapping carbon dioxide you and your coworkers breath out, replacing it with oxygen. Take your pick and enjoy the year-round relief!

Mesh Chairs

Mesh back office chairs are the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable in a hot office. Unlike fabric and leather chairs, mesh chairs are specifically designed to beat the heat. The perforated mesh allows the passage of air to reach the occupant, helping them to stay as cool as possible. As an added bonus, breathable mesh office chairs also prevent the buildup of germs by helping to eliminate the buildup of heat and moisture to grow them, so the whole office is healthier for it. They're affordable, comfortable, supportive, usually ergonomic, and available in every style under the sun to fit anyplace in the office!

Cool Computers

Computers are a major heat source. It feels great in the wintertime, but in the summer, all those ventilation systems expelling extra heat can turn an hot office into Mordor. Unfortunately, almost every workplace relies on a whole bunch of computers to get the job done, and the effect seems unavoidable. However, power equals heat. Turning computers off at night, setting them to "sleep" after short periods of inactivity, dimming the brightness of the screen, and using the eco-settings are all ways to use less power and generate less heat. Plus, with all the money saved, you could convince the boss to turn the AC back on...

Metal and Glass

For the office decorators out there, if you work in a warm environment, few ways are better for staying cool than by adding a metal or glass desk to the mix. Both materials don't get super hot unless they've been baking in the sun, and even in warm indoor environments, they usually manage to stay chillier than wood or plastic office desks by trapping the cool more efficiently. Awesome contemporary office desks with metal accents are great for improving modern design. They're professional, stylish, and elegant, and best of all - cool! In most cases, affordable glass office desks go hand in hand with metal accents, so designers can get two chilly materials in one cleverly crafted workstation.

Stay Hydrated

While all these tips are great for staying cool, perhaps there is none more important than staying hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, a person doesn't have to spend all day in the baking outdoors to get dehydrated. In fact, it's very easy to lose water even working a sit-down desk job. At the office and at home, always try to keep some water with you wherever you go, and be sure to to hydrate. Don't be afraid to go crazy with the juicer and treat yourself to work lemonades, watermelon-ices, orange and apple juices to make it fun. Share them and win your co-workers' loyalty forever!

*Bonus trick: Buy some of your favorite frozen fruits at the store (studies show they're fresher than fresh fruit anyway) and toss them in beverages to replace ice. Or, better yet, get some ice trays and put a single frozen fruit piece in each cube, then fill with water and freeze to create fruity ice cubes. It's all the rage, and a super great way to stay cool!

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