Friday, June 6, 2014

Space Saving Ways To Furnish A Small Office Space

Whether you're trying to furnish an office in an apartment, dorm room, or itty bitty interior, we all know that space-saving design is little tricky. Trying to give the impression that a space isn't as tiny as it looks by making the most of the square footage you've got is always the goal, but when lack of success can lead to claustrophobic surroundings and unhappy guests, the effect can be costly. That's why we're offering these great space-saving tips to help you furnish your smaller office space. Enjoy!

The Right Colors

Okay, so maybe wall colors aren't exactly "furnishings" so to speak, but the right colors have a lot to do with the illusion of space. While dark walls with lighter colored furniture has become sort of trendy, it really isn't the best fashion choice for a compact office space. Even if dark walls look cool, they have a bad habit of cutting off the view. Instead of seeing a more open space, viewers are much more aware of the walls in a room because the darker colors stand out more. Better choices that help expand the viewer's field of vision more are light options like cool greens, creams, and light neutrals. However, we believe the absolute best way to increase space through color is with a nice, open sky blue paint. It really expands horizons!

Build Up, Not Out

This is an age-old trick that never fails to save space in the workplace. Building up rather than out helps make use of more wall space to help maximize the little bit of square footage that's there, leaving it for your use rather than the use of your things. Because of this reason, cool office shelving is a popular choice for smaller office environments. By hanging out on the walls, stuff is off the floor and out of the way. It makes commute and cleaning a whole lot easier, and gives the illusion of increased space!

Choose Modular Designs

"Modular" furniture is a style of furniture that relies on smart design to help maximize space and utility. Usually, modular furniture refers to desks and workstations with a design that sort of revolves around the user. The idea is to keep all the necessities in arm's reach. Unfortunately, seeking modular furniture for a tiny office space usually leads shoppers to the more popular modular office desks, which are often far too large for a compact space. However, smart shopping for reconfigurable modular furniture sets, like those from the affordable e5 collection by Mayline, help ensure users can make the most of their small office space!

Smart Storage

Space saving design revolves around smart storage. As an extension of the building up rather than out mentality, try choosing storage devices for common things in your office such as books, files, or cabinets that are relatively vertical in design. Smart storage features such as vertical file cabinets and bookcases provide versatile storage space that can be used for a variety of things. The tops of wall cabinets provide an extra shelf for papers or trinkets. Many even decide to spring for recessed walls to literally increase floor space. If your office is in a public workspace where visitors are a common sight, choosing foldable nesting chairs (like the 547 Global Flex Chair) helps provide extra guest seating without eating up square footage.

Dual Purpose Gadgets

Anything with a dual purpose can help to save lots of space in small office environments. Things like CPU holders and ergonomic monitor arms not only save room, but they also increase the overall functionality of an office environment drastically. By mounting underneath office desks, CPU holders alone stay off the floor (and out of the danger zone in case of accidents). They don't interfere with leg room so users can stretch out when fatigued, and they help make rewiring a snap! Other devices like the SOLSTICE desk lamp by ESI actually provide dual functions, like charging handhelds at the same time as they light up your desk.

Make Use of the Ceiling

Oftentimes, amateur designers will neglect the ceiling, figuring that it's a largely unusable space. However, in smaller offices, apartments, bedrooms, and dorms, its a space that can't afford to be left out. Lighting, lamps, and air plants are all useful, stylish features that can be hung from the ceiling. If your mini-office is in a bedroom, hanging a hammock high up close to the roof is a great way to store stuffed animals, pillows, and comforters when not in use. It is, after all, space. Make it work for you!
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