Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The 7 Step Ultimate Ergofication Product Guide

Looking to create a high end ergonomic work environment? No problem! In today's article we'll be showcasing our 7 step ergofication process and the products you need to get the job done right. From super cool height adjustable desks to adjustable CPU holders, we have your every ergo office need covered. Enjoy!

Step 1: Choose An Adjustable Desk

Adjustable Height Desk

These days height adjustable ergonomic desk configurations are the way to go. With the ability to quickly convert from sitting to standing applications, products like the new Global Total Office HE4824MSC adjustable desk offer the perfect way to start your ergonomic space. These versatile desks are available in a wide variety of finish options to accent your workplace decor and provide the high quality features needed to reach peak levels of performance. In addition to the HE4824MSC from Global, manufacturers like Ergonomic Concepts and Mayline are also introducing a wide range of adjustable height solutions for home and executive work environments.

Step 2: Select An Ergonomic Chair

Mayline Gist Chair

You simply can't create a high end ergonomic workspace without the right chair. With thousands of solutions available on the market today, it's important to take your time when shopping. Meeting with a physician or ergonomic specialist will provide helpful insight on the right products for your specific areas of need. Using your chair to address key areas of discomfort is the only way to go. Top models in 2014 include the new Mayline Gist Chair debuting in the coming weeks, the Eurotech Seating Wau Series High Back Chair and the Global Total Office Vion Chair. These cutting edge seating choices are surprisingly affordable and offer top of the line features for exceptional support.

Step 3: Add A Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

When it comes to office accessorizing, it's best to start with the products you'll use the most. That being said, articulating keyboard trays that adjust provide exceptional benefits in the workplace that will be enjoyed daily. For starters, adding a retractable keyboard tray that mounts underneath your desk surface will help to free up useable desk space. The adjustment capabilities of models from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions allow users to improve posture, office versatility, and the rate at which you type. Keyboard trays are definitely a must have for any ergo space.

Step 4: Use A Multi Screen Mounting System

Multi Screen Monitor Mounting System

Going to a dual screen monitor system in your workspace looks super cool and is sure to help you improve the rate at which you compute. Brands like ESI, Symmetry, Ergonomic Concepts, and Systematix all offer adjustable dual screen monitor mounts that should be considered for your office overhaul. Looking to take your space to the next level? Consider adding a 3, 4, or 6 screen mount to create a cutting edge space with incredible modern appeal.

Step 5: Add A CPU Holder

Ergonomic Desk with CPU Holder

Not only do locking CPU holders prevent against theft, they also help to prevent against flood and water damage. The addition of an office CPU mount will eliminate the bothersome trips under your desk to plug in devices and route wires. Most of the top models are mounted on a retractable track that allows your computers power source to be slid out of the way, thus creating useable leg space. Units can then be pulled closer when inserting discs or powering up your computer. Talk about ergonomic versatility!

Step 6: Select Adjustable Lighting

Adjustable Office Lighting

Shed some light on your ergonomic workstation and simultaneously improve your space! The addition of under mount task light and an adjustable desk top lamp will help to cut down on the electrical costs incurred from those energy draining overhead lights. Adjustable office lighting will also help you to focus light where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it! Cool new products like the Solstice Desk Lamp and USB Charging Station will allow you to charge your smart phone without using an extra computer port or electrical outlet!

Step 7: Kick Up Your Feet

Ergonomic Foot Rest

Believe it or not, simple products like a foot rest provide a ton of helpful ergonomic benefits in the workplace. By kicking up your feet you'll take pressure off your knees while improving blood flow and posture. These inexpensive office accessories are a great way to go ergo on a budget.
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