Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Office: 5 Cool Desks Made from Doors!

Looking to create a one of a kind office space to conduct your business from? If so, today's post is a must read. In this DIY office article, we'll highlight 5 of the coolest office desks you'll ever see that are actually made from doors! These inspiring self-made desks showcase that with a little know how and design ingenuity you can create a unique workstation that sets your space apart from the competition.

Rustic Desk

First up. this rustic desk with mobile metal base. This workstation is made from reclaimed wood doors that were attached to a unique metal frame structure. Talk about a conversation piece! It's easy to see and appreciate the time that went into crafting a DIY desk of this quality. However, if one of a kind is what you're after, this inspiring station is sure to get the creative juices flowing. Simply add some cool accents like the retro chair and desk lamp and you'll be ready to roll. When it comes to office furniture and design, it's all about letting your individual personality shine. We think this space and desk do just that to perfection.

Next up, this simple yet sophisticated rectangular desk constructed from a folding style wood door. At first glance the folding top will catch your eye and wow with it's antique feel. The elegant straight leg design provides a table style look that's perfect for luxurious work environments. This popular look is trending for both modern and traditional office makeover projects. Beautiful DIY desks like this are not often for sale, but then again... wouldn't you rather make your own to showcase!

Next up, this cool door desk with books for legs! We love the design ingenuity booming throughout this conversation starter. A rectangular glass worksurface was used to cover the main desk while a separate door frame was used as a back drop for added appeal. The antique look is sure to impress, but the front legs steal the show. This one of kind station looks super cool, but we do question the stability. Can you imagine working on an important project and bumping one of the front legs? Talk about a bad situation. We image the weight of the main worksurface makes the legs difficult to move, or that the books are glued together for extra support. None the less, this is one neat DIY desk that's full of creativity. 
When we started writing this article on desks made from doors, we were fully expecting to stick with an
Desk Made from Airplane Partsantique vibe. However, we came across this awesome modern ergonomic workstation built from the side of an airplane. Talk about unique! While this station probably takes up too much space to fit properly in the average office, it was just too cool to leave off. If this looks like a project that interests you, try contacting old air fields. You might just be surprised at the salvageable materials you come across to make your desk. From airplane doors to to wings, there's no end to what you can create.

Last but certainly not least, we thought we'd end today's article with a luxurious hand made desk that's full of class and elegance. This 4 leg table desk features an antique wood door with metal trim that's guaranteed to earn any space an abundance of compliments. We love that the antique knob was left on for aesthetic appeal. The base used matches the surface perfectly to create one of the best DIY desks we've ever seen. The simplicity of the design is not to be mistaken for an easy project. This is one upscale desk that's absolutely stunning.

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