Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't Settle for A Mediocre Office Chair!

If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer from office-related pain, don't settle for a mediocre chair! For those of you that know the terror of aching muscles, joint problems, back pain, and the urge to nap on the job, the problem may be as simple as upgraded seating. But don't worry, we know what you're thinking, and an upgrade doesn't have to break your bank. At the right price, these breakthrough pain relieving ergonomic chairs can be yours for less than $400!

Chair 1

Loover Chair by Global

Our first chair is the 2660-4 Loover Office Chair by Global Total Office, and boy, does this chair deliver. This funky little chair not only boasts a fun modern design, but it is also an expert healer. With a live lumbar support built into the back, aided by a height adjustable ratchet system, this high tech ergonomic chair for pain relief helps guide the body into a more healthful position for relieving back pain. Slide activated seat depth with multi and synchro tilters ensure a comfortable seat while G5 lockable arm caps, Global's patented Soft Descent lift, and a high tech nylon "governor" base take care of the rest. 

Why upgrade? This chair is ideal for sufferers of back pain because of the adjustable hidden lumbar. The Soft Descent lift and adjustable seat features are perfect for those with arthritis, brittle bones, or sensitive muscles. Highly adjustable arms provide enhanced user control as well. And did we mention this chair is available in a huge host of color options?

Chair 2 

Mayline Mesh Commute Chair

Available in a huge host of color options, it's no wonder the C1BB Mayline Commute Office Chair is such a favorite option. This chair is equipped with all the basics and a price that won't disappoint. With a travel seat slider, tilt tension, locks, and a considerable weight capacity, this popular mesh ergonomic chair will bring both style and comfort to an office with ease.

Why upgrade? This modern mesh chair blows older models out of the water. Even it's most basic of features send it leaps and bounds ahead of outdated office chair design. In addition to high adjustability, the mesh back is a feature all its own. By allowing air flow to the user, it prevents the build up of heat and germs, making it the ideal solution for office workers in warm climates.

Chair 3 

Apollo Series Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech

Loaded to the gills with excellent ergonomic features to improve health, the MFHB9SL-HRAP99 Apollo office chair by Eurotech is one of the best deals on our list. Enjoy all the benefits associated with high adjustability, tilt tension control, a waterfall seat, and seat angle adjustment all for an extremely low price.

Why upgrade? Like the Mayline Commute chair, the Apollo ergonomic chair by Eurotech boasts a breathable mesh upholstery, and all the benefits that come with it. Extremely adjustable, this chair can meet the comfort needs of a wide variety of body types. The waterfall seat allows improved blood flow to the legs, reducing pain and health risks. It even includes a bonus headrest!

Chair 4

Mesh Ergo Chair by OFM

Sure, it may have a bit of a strange look to it, but trust us when we say that the 581 Mesh Ergonomic Chair by OFM is an excellent choice for an upgrade. Bursting with high end ergonomic features, the 581 chair is both attractive and functional. It is the sort of model with enough versatility of design to move from the desk, to the training area, to the conference room and back again. At an extremely reasonable price, it may even beat out the Apollo in terms of value.

Why upgrade? This highly ergonomic office chair includes 360 degree swivel power, a gas lift, smooth tilting, ratchet back adjustability, built-in adjustable lumbar, breathable stain resistant mesh, and fire retardant fabric just to name a few things. For a chair with adjustable lumbar support, it comes at an amazingly low price.

Chair 5

Rainier Chair by RFM

As much as we hate to end this list, we confidently leave you with the R8 Rainier High Back Managers Chair by RFM to cater to your office comfort needs. Being from one of the top office chair brands on the market, it's not surprise to find an RFM chair on a list for high tech seating. Although most chairs from this reputable office seating brand tend to run a little higher in price, the R8 Rainier comes at an excellent value. Available in the manufacturer's stunning array of color choices, the R8 Rainier also boasts plenty of healthful features. From a brand known for it's customer service, it's only to be expected that this chair caters to a user's every need!

Why upgrade? Well, first off, this chair does boast an incredible swath of color choices, so it's the perfect thing for designers. However, it's real health benefits lie in ergonomic features, such as the 1900 molded foam tractor seat, seat slider, ratchet back, multi function control, and thoracic lumbar support to reduce office related pain.

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