Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kneeling Office Chairs 101

For those of you that know the plague that is office-related pain, know that you're not alone. Every year, thousands of Americans just like you begin the search for relief. Whether you choose ergonomic chairs, yoga, specialized office accessories, or exercises to relieve your pain, the important thing is that we find it. But, if none of these have worked for you, we're proud to introduce a new possibility! Kneeling office chairs are the product of years of scientific study, and they have been proven to relieve all kinds of pain. Today's article your guide to the many benefits of kneeling office chairs. Enjoy!

Staying Healthy

Perhaps the most popular reason for choosing kneeling office chairs is health. Because so much of the public is now aware that a sedentary, inefficient office environment is the catalyst for pain, scientists and reputable office furniture manufacturers have been searching for ways to fix it. Thankfully, healthy kneeling office chairs are proven to do just that. Kneeling chairs work by tricking the upper body into thinking that the user is standing, which forces proper posture. By bending the knees downward and the pelvis forward, such as when standing, the spine is encouraged to adopt proper alignment. For many, improper alignment is the cause of office-related back pain, so these specialized chairs are adept at pain relief.

*Note: Some side affects of improved posture by using a kneeling office chair are:

Improved spinal alignment
Back pain relief
Strengthened abdominal muscles and core
Improved internal organ activity
Released tension on muscles, joints, and tendons
Improved concentration
Less pressure on the womb for women in later stages of pregnancy


The never-ending search for comfort in the workplace is the driving choice behind so many buyers' decisions when they shop affordable office chairs and furniture. No one wants to spend eight hours a day in a chair they can't stand, and that is part of why kneeling office chairs have seen a recent spike in popularity. Despite how they may look at first glance, the knees do not bear all the weight while sitting in a kneeling office chair. Rather, these seats are designed to distribute weight through the whole body, specifically to the thighs, spine, and shins, like when standing. Over time, the body is encouraged into correct posture and comforting pain relief. As an added plus for pregnant women, these ergonomic office seating options have also been known to reduce pressure on the womb, so it is not constantly pressed by the thighs as when sitting in a conventional chair. Talk about healthful comfort!

"You Seem Tense…"

Part of the reason kneeling chairs are known for increased comfort is due to their tension relieving design. The proper-posture approach alleviates pain in a way that is natural to the body, and habit forming. Because these chairs work by distributing the user's weight throughout the whole body, rather than by forcing it all to one point (such as the lower back, knees, or feet, most conventionally), overall stress on the body is reduced. This helps release any pent up tension in joints and muscles for a comfortable seating experience. With a fluid kneeling-like seated position, risk of common office injuries and deformities like "disc prolapse" are greatly reduced!

Take It Easy

There are many health benefits of kneeling office chairs, but in an office, where efficiency and productivity is everything, it's important that seating is utilitarian and easy to use. Thankfully, these chairs are! Adding healthy ergonomic kneeling chairs to the workplace not only reduces pain, it also adds a simple, maneuverable seating solution that the whole office can use. Most models set on casters are equipped with mobility for convenience. The small size and adjustable shape makes storing these chairs a breeze. Simply keep them in a closet or shove them under a desk when not in use. Just walk right out of them from a half-standing position when you're ready to head home!


In any workplace, versatility is always key! Seating that can be moved from room to room without inconvenience is a big plus in an active office. Though ergonomic kneeling chairs may look a little confusing at first glance, once the whole office sees how they sit, kneeling chairs become convenient, healthful office seating solutions that must be taken advantage of. With easy mobility, comfort, and incredible health benefits, they make the ideal companions for those long, rough days at work. From the desk, to the cubicle, to the conference room, kneeling chairs are the newest high tech innovation for office pain relief. Enjoy them wherever you need to!
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