Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Behind the Desk: Great Products for Improving Your Work Day

Life behind the desk is a rough one if you don't have what you need. Staying organized in the workplace is a big challenge for all of us, which is partly some smarties out there created these awesome tools to help us out. If you're on the lookout for cool ergonomic products, gadgets, or cute, creative trinkets to help you get some work done, today's list is all for you. Here are some major must-have items that every office worker ought to consider getting. Enjoy!

Supportive Ergonomic Chair

A healthy office life begins with a supportive work chair. Without this critical ingredient, if you're sitting down at work, you're probably doing horrible damage to your back, arms, and even your legs. Rather than settling for that same rock-hard chair the cubicle came with, see if you can upgrade to something much more comfortable. Most ergonomic chairs relieve pain and are equipped with specific features to tend to most common office ailments. Prices range in as much diversity as ergonomic products do themselves. Anything with the "ergo" label is designed to cater to the individual. We recommend that every consider their unique situation and health needs before buying. Don't be afraid to call up the dealer and ask for need-specific recommendations!

Dual Screen Monitor

Most folks think of dual screen monitor arms as being only for gamers, computer gurus, and animators, but in reality, they're really for everyone! Two screens are much more user friendly than a single one for folks that spend most of their workday copying, pasting, cutting, editing, or dealing with huge swaths of data. Rather than opening tab after tab, the two screens allow much more room for users to see and do what they need to all in one place. Be sure to browse adjustable ergonomic computer arms to save desk space and prevent health risks from straining to see the screens. In addition, don't forget to dress up your desktop with a snazzy, scenic screensaver for a desk that's like a home away from home!

USB Hubs

We've all been there - stuck at work with a purse full of gizmos and no place to charge them. But this is the 21st century, and thankfully, smarty-pants rule the world. For anyone that relies on modern technology to get the job done, no desk is complete without a personal USB hub. These handy office devices are crazy affordable, and they're available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to everyone. They're right up there with affordable CPU holders and keyboard platforms as some of the best tech accessories for desk use in an office dependent on tech.

Desktop Organizer

Unfortunately, it doesn't always matter how neat the rest of your life is - office life can get messy. With papers, sticky notes, cords, clips, and gadgets all part of the mix, it's no wonder desktop organizers have made our must-have supply list. But just because you need one, don't settle for a boring boxy organizer straight out of the 90s. This is the age of high tech tech! If you know you rely on pencils and pens as well as your tablet and smartphone, a powered organizer to maximize workplace efficiency is always a better choice. Look for one that incorporates elements of both the old and the new. Something that's equipped with pencil trays for office convenience, as well as a docking station for your gadgetry, will help you get the job done in a cleaner fashion.

Dry Erase Boards

With all the popularity surrounding open plan office configurations it's no surprise that dry-erase boards have seen a huge spike in popularity. The fact that they're erasable, neat, paperless, creative, and convenient makes these the perfect products to promote workplace efficiency. For those that spend most of the day at a small desk space or cubicle, a tiny portable whiteboard will make an excellent companion. However, for those in bigger offices, dry-erase boards attached to other presentation accessories for office use are great too!

*Bonus tip: If you're really into the power of whiteboards don't be afraid to check out the 2014 NeoCon winner, go! by Clarus Glassboards. They're like portable whiteboards on wheels that are available in all sorts of sizes and colors for a well designed workspace.

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