Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life In The Cube: A Guide To Cubicle Comfort

Stuck in a cubicle all day? Not to worry! In today's post we've outlined the tips, products, and advice needed to get you working effectively. From using your office chair properly to adding the right ergonomic accessories, the days of discomfort in the workplace are about to be a thing of the past!

Use Your Office Chair Properly

All too often office employees are stuck dealing with an inherited office chair that just doesn't cut it. That being said, if a new chair is out of the question, simple steps can be taken to boost your comfort. Start by determining the type, model, or style of chair you have. Take a quick pic if possible as a reference. Next, contact a reputable seating manufacturer and provide them with the best info you can on your specific chair. Ask about the adjustable features and obtaining instructions on proper use if available. Educating yourself on the benefits your chair offers and how to use them properly will help you find easily achieved support in a hurry. In most cases, simply adjusting your chairs height, arms, and back angle will make life in the cube much easier!

Get Organized

Take a look around your office. You'll no doubt notice a variety of clean and cluttered cubicles. During your visual scan take a look at the workers of each associated cubicle. Upon inspection you should notice that those with clean work spaces are working far more productively than those covered in clutter. Take the time to create a plan of attack for your own space and get started. Start by clearing your worksurface of unnecessary items, removing trash, and doing some basic cleaning. Next organize your file cabinets and office storage components using a system that works for you. Remember, getting organized is helpful, but keeping it that way provides long term benefits that lead to office success and comfortable work days.


Feeling a bit cramped in your cubicle? Don't hesitate to stand up and stretch every now and then. A variety of simple and easy deskercise activities are widely available online that will help you improve blood flow, motivation, and work day comfort. While simply stretching will do in most cases, taking a short walk might also be a good idea to help relieve some stress and anxiety generated from long days in your cubicle.

Eat Healthy

The power of a healthy lunch should not be under estimated. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and energy boosting foods will no doubt keep you working more efficiently than you would be after chomping down that double bacon burger. As fatigue is a common problem in the workplace that greatly relates to discomfort, foods packed with vitamins and nutritious benefits are a must. Try looking up some simple recipes and healthy eateries in close proximity to your office. Go healthy for one week and there will be no turning back!

Go Ergo

When all else fails, go ergo! The right combination of ergonomic office accessories will help you maximize your functionality and effectiveness in the workplace. Products like ergonomic monitor arms, foot rests, and adjustable workstations are all highly recommended my heath care professionals and provide excellent benefits that will no doubt be appreciated by any user. Basic ergonomic accessories like retractable keyboard trays cost under $200 and will improve your computing posture and blood flow while simultaneously helping you type faster throughout the day. The helpful ergonomic products available on the market today are simply to long. Try contacting an ergonomic products specialist or physician to help determine what products will work right for you. In the end, it's all about meeting your specific needs to achieve your peak comfort levels!
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