Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Popular Summer Decor Themes for the Office

Summer is about halfway through, but it's not too late to start celebrating! Decorating the office in fun bright colors with crafty ideas is a wonderful way to change things up, and get everyone in the mood to appreciate this short season. For those of you that don't quite know where to start, here are some excellent summer office decor themes that are popular this year!

Hit the Beach

Even if you live too far inland, nothing quite says "summer" like images of sunshine and waves. This summer, deck the halls with relaxing images of surf and sand. There are all sorts of amazing photographers and painters from Australia, Hawaii, California, Florida, and so many other great beach sites. Order some prints (or print them out yourself) frame them, and hang them up next to your affordable office reception furniture for guests to enjoy. If the beach isn't really your thing, images of kayakers and whitewater rafters are just as summery. Everyone will appreciate the new change of scenery, and the view will never disappoint!

Cool Off the Cubicle

Most modern workplaces allow employees to deck out their cubicles with images of family, friends, pets, and places they want to visit. Why not turn your office space into one you'll never want to leave? Extreme cubicle decor is a trend that's been picking up lots of momentum in recent years, and we couldn't be happier. This summer, try going with a beach house or tiki theme for the modern office cubicles in your workplace.  Dress up the desk for summer with a small glass box filled with sand, coral, and seashells for you to landscape on break, (conch shells make great paperweights). Many contemporary workplaces even allow small bowl fish at the desks!
When you get back from spending some vacation days, update the family photos in your cubicle to reflect your summer trip. Photos of beaches, boats, lakes, and whitewater scream summer, so be sure to switch up your wall art and screensaver. Just don't stare at them too long or you may find yourself looking for the bathroom...

Get Crafty with Craft Paper

Craft paper may sound like a child's decorating material, but most parents won't hesitate to dress up professional desks and workstations with scribbled drawings and cutouts from the kids at camp. In fact, many adults are often surprised at how fun craft paper decorating is to do themselves! See if you can challenge your coworkers to a friendly decorating competition so you don't feel like a loner, and let the fun begin! Cutout clouds, suns, shades, and waves make excellent summer decor. Get crafty with glue and scissors to make a beach towel mousepad or sunhat for your computer to get the edge on your coworkers. The activity sounds silly, but it's a fun way to build memories that will last the colder seasons to come.

Summer Scents

Just like cinnamon spice is a requirement of fall decor, so are summer smells! Don't be afraid to pick out some fun scented candles for your cubicle and workplace the next time you're at the dollar store. Fruity smells like cucumber, coconut, summer apple, peach, citrus, and strawberry are fresh scents that just about everyone enjoys. For something that's less likely to make you hungry, go for ocean breeze, fresh linen, sunshine, or rain to get a good whiff of summer at the office. If your workplace doesn't allow scented candles around cool office computer desks, scented sprays, plants, and plugins work just as well. Summer's almost over. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Be You

Decor is a funny thing that says a lot about who you are. This summer, don't be afraid to decorate with materials and creative things that you like. Sure, coral, sand, and seashells definitely speak of summer, but for those that hate the beach, bright colors, fun vases, plants, and creative trinkets can be just as festive. Head to the local decorating store and pick out some art that speaks to you. Because of the clear, fresh look, glass always makes a wonderful decorating material. Blue tinted glass computer desks look just as fresh in summer as they look frigid in wintertime, making them perfect for year round decorating.

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