Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Think Outside the Cubicle: Multi User Desk Configurations

With companies everywhere embracing open desking, cubicles are becoming a thing of the past. Bringing down the walls is a great way to promote teamwork, and collaboration in the workplace. It improves coworker communication and the spread of new ideas. Modern desks for multiple users incorporate all the necessities of open desking with the space saving benefits of a cubicle, making them a perfect transition for up and coming businesses. Check out these multi user desks from top brands to keep your office on the cutting edge!

Plenty of Elbow Room

Verde Workstation by Cherryman

Unlike the traditionally cramped cubicles of the past, high end multi user desks strive to provide each user with plenty of personal space to get the job done. Desks like the VL-746N Verde Workstation by Cherryman leave just the right amount of separation. At this spacious two person desk, coworkers can work quietly, side by side, without disturbing one another. Yet, when they're ready to talk business, all it takes is a swivel around in those modern task chairs to get the other's attention. Stylish, contemporary, spacious, and space saving, multi user desks like this always provide plenty of elbow room!

Improved Idea Sharing

BT24 Brighton workstation by Mayline

Breaking down the barriers between coworkers has never been easier. With open multi user desking like the BT24 Brighton workstation by Mayline, users can converse with one another in a space friendly open area. As with the Verde workstation by Cherryman, the Mayline multi user desk set provides each employee with plenty of personal workspace. Additionally, with no walls between, communication is as easy as saying "hello." Laminate cherry or a mocha finish matched by chrome accents convey professionalism, while the overall style sings of excellent modern design!

Efficient Space Planning

Mayline's e5 Series

One of the greatest benefits of an affordable open desking configuration is space saving efficiency. The makers of Mayline's e5 Series pride themselves on creating affordable ergonomic workstations that are a snap to power, install, and reconfigure for use in even the most actively changing workspaces. The e53 desk set featured here even includes a modular storage unit. The setup is complete with five bookcases to act as utility shelving for the four desk users. It's a brilliant combination of well placed work areas and conveniently placed storage to save tons of space in the office!

Reconfigurable and Modular

e54 desk set

Most modular desking configurations, like the e54 desk set featured here, offer reconfigurability for added convenience. This means that, as the needs of the business change, so can the desking. Modular applications mean that desks can be easily added or removed from a setup. As another configuration from the reputable e5 furniture collection by Mayline, it's no surprise to find that the e54 set provides modular convenience. Easy to power, install, and reconfigure, together these benefits improve overall workplace efficiency!


Zira-Reception-7 Workstation by Global

Thanks to modern applications, multi user desking is no longer just for the executive task force - it's also available to the whole office! With products like the Zira-Reception-7 Workstation by Global, users can enjoy the benefits of modular multi user furniture in their reception area. This reception desk for multiple users is stylish, spacious, and professional. It even includes an organized storage cabinet for user convenience. The stunning two tone finish grabs the attention of visitors and draws the eye, while the spacious two person desk allows receptionists to meet their needs swiftly and professionally thanks to the modular design!
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