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Chair Questionnaire: Choosing The Perfect Office Chair for You!

Office Chair Questionnaire

Finding the perfect office chair for your specific needs can be a long and difficult process. With thousands of popular chairs available on the market today, how do you know which model is right for you? No need to worry! In today's post we'll be highlighting our simple and easy to follow 7 question guide to help shoppers choose the most best chair possible. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

1.) What's Your Price Range?

Right out of the gate, it's important to determine an acceptable budget for your new office chair. While respectable seating options can be purchased for as little as $100, high end chairs range well into the thousands. Determine a price you are comfortable with and move on to question 2.

2.) What Chair Style Showcases Your Personality?

Modern, traditional, contemporary, and retro are all trending office chair styles that accommodate a variety of different style preferences. Some shoppers prefer a cutting edge modern chair with plenty of wow factor, while other like the class look featured in today's luxurious traditional seating options. Choose a style that highlights your individual personality and move on to question 3.

3.) Why Type of Upholstery is Best for Your Office?

When shopping for office chairs online, you're bound to run into a variety of fabric, leather, vinyl seating choices from reputable brands. Chair upholstery options are graded by the amount of double rubs (times a material can be used without showing wear) to determine the quality and grade. Determine what type of material will work best for your decor and style preferences and select a grade withing your budget. Most of the chairs for sale on the market today are standard in one or two fabric or leather color options to keep things a bit more simplified. However, top office chair brands offer ample textiles to provide variety to shoppers like you!

4.) What Back Height Do You Prefer?

Today's most popular ergonomic chairs come in low, mid, and high back styles to accommodate users of all sizes. Test a few models at a local showroom to determine which back height will best suit your daily needs.

5.) What Daily Functions Do You Perform?

When selecting your new office chair, it's important to determine your most common office functions and the purpose your chair will serve. If your shopping for a new chair for the home office, computing styles will  work great for your needs. If the chair is for your high end business space, executive styles will be preferred. Those who sit for long periods of time throughout the week will typically be performing more functions and should expect more from their chairs. That being said, it's important to shop accordingly for styles built around the demands of your specific work day.

6.) What Ergonomic Features Do You Need?

Selecting ergonomic features is not a step to be feared. While the options are quite numerous, most chairs come standard with the basic attributes needed to provide you with customizable comfort throughout the work day. Pneumatic seat height, chair tilt features, lumbar support mechanisms, and adjustable arms are the most common. If you'd like help determining your ergonomic seating needs, meet with a physician or chair specialist at your convenience. Most will be happy to provide suggestions.

7.) How Soon Do You Need Your Chair?

Shoppers looking for in stock office chairs will find plenty of solutions available both in store and online. Basic color options like black, brown, blue, and gray will be available in a timely manner. Those who want unique textiles and colors will be shopping brands like Global Total Office and RFM who offer made to order products that take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. It's important to determine how soon you need your new chair, to then determine what brands you should consider. In a nut shell, If you are in a hurry, ask your dealer about in stock office chairs. If you want something a bit more fancy, inquire about made to order products.

Once you've answered the 7 questions above, it's time to choose a manufacturer. Brands like Boss, Offices To Go, and Eurotech offer excellent computer chairs that ship quickly. Brands like Global Total Office and RFM mentioned above specialize in more made to order products available with customizable options. Shop a variety of brands to determine styles, features, and attributes you need before settling on one particular manufacturer. For suggestions you can read office chair reviews online, visit ergonomic forums, or consult with professionals about best selling models. In the long run, it's most important to choose a chair that keeps  you comfortable, showcases your personal style, and stays within the budget!
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