Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Go Modular with Global Bungee Tables

Designing a conference room is never easy. As a room with a purpose, the final product must be functional, modern, and appealing enough to impress corporate guests. Unfortunately, for offices that have to budget money and space, a fancy one-room area just for the occasional conference is not always an option. To anyone in need of versatile conference room furniture that's both functional and stunning, look no further. In today's article, we present modular Bungee Tables by Global Total Office - the perfect thing to jazz up a conference room. Enjoy!

About Global Bungee Tables

Global Total Office is a top notch furniture manufacturer that's been designing quality desks, tables, and chairs for many years. Their experience definitely paid off in design of the Bungee table series, which showcases some of the most versatile, high tech conference tables on the market. Featuring a high end modular design that allows these tables to be connected, reconfigured, and easily stored, Global Bungee tables allow conference rooms to be used for more than just talk. The need for presentations, projects, and training new recruits also gives Bungee tables lots of use. They are the perfect thing for business owners wishing to minimize extraneous costs by choosing furniture that can accomplish more than one task.

Here, There, Everywhere!

So where exactly do Bungee tables work best? Well, the answer may surprise you. Initially designed for use in conference rooms, Bungee tables by Global Total Office are the most ideal for meetings. However, with highly functional features, these tables make one room capable of so much more. Styled for meetings with corporate executives, these versatile conference tables for sale are also utilitarian enough for internal meetings with coworkers. The ability to rearrange and connect in multiple layouts also renders these tables perfect for training purposes, education, presentations, special events, and workplace projects too.

Superior Style

Not only are Bungee tables capable of great things. They are also wonders of modern style. Global is notorious for offering plenty of customizable aspects to their products, such as upgrades, colors, and upholstery options, and the Bungee table series is no different! Here, tables are offered in multiple sizes to fit conference rooms large and small. Most models, like the Global BK180F 15' Bungee conference table set offer multiple leg finishes, shapes, and optional caster kits for mobility. In addition, Global's reputation for custom styling is also replicated by a set of ten stunning table finishes. The selection is an office interior designer's dream come true!

Ultimate Versatility

In the high stakes business world, style can get you far, but it definitely isn't everything. Thankfully, a quality office furniture brand like Global Total Office knows this. Through their Bungee table series, this brand works to provide every office with the equipment to combat every task! In most workplaces, conference rooms aren't just for conversation. They are places of education, idea sharing, and business projects where employees build cooperation and teamwork. With excellent ergonomic features like the ability to reconfigure, rearrange, connect, nest, fold, and roll, Global Bungee tables can adapt to every scenario. With just a few bungee cords, users can build their own ideal work environment to get the job done.

Final Grades

With all that Global Bungee modular boardroom tables are capable of, it's no surprise that we give this series an A+ for utility. Paired with professional modern styling that any corporate leader can be proud of, they have definitely earned themselves five stars! Of course, there are many conference tables and furniture for less, but considering all the attributes of the Bungee series, the tables are a steal. If multi-functional tables are a must for your office, no series is better than this one!

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