Monday, August 11, 2014

Office Design: 5 Must Have Items To Personalize Your Desk

Your desk is your home away from home. Whether your office is actually in your home or a skyscraper doesn't matter, but it must leave you feeling creative and comfortable. Cool office design is all the rage these days, so it's only natural that a personalized workspace is too. However, work does require tools first and foremost, and while it's fine that they look good, functionality should never be sacrificed. That's why, in today's article, we're showcasing our picks for the top must have office accessories to personalize your desk!

Cool Mouspad… and Mouse!

Keeping a cool mousepad around is one of the best ways to showcase your personal style without sacrificing necessity in your office. Almost everyone with a computer requires a mousepad for smooth surfing. While you're at it, you may want to take a gander at some of the fun new computer mice scurrying all over the internet. Add both next to office keyboard platforms for a fully functioning, fashionable workstation. With all the cool computer accessories out there, it's never hard to find something that speaks to you!

Dressed Up Monitor Arm

A misplaced computer screen can lead to all sorts of muscle and back problems with continuous misuse. W recommend that anyone who spends more than three hours per day on an office computer have adjustable monitor arms around to promote workplace health. Thankfully, just these hunks of hardware are good for more than just pain prevention. They're user-friendly, and also save plenty more desk space for decoration. Doll up your computer screen with some googly-eyes or inspirational words to suit your style!

Fun USB Hubs

USB hubs are the perfect combo of style and functionality. As tech pieces, USB hubs work like epic charging ports for multiple devices. Simply plug one end into your computer, then use the other hubs to hook up smartphones, mp3 players, lights, games, or anything else you need! Creative tech designers have made USB hubs in all sorts of shapes and styles to suit everyone's decor. Shop around, and see if you can find one you like!

Someplace To Store Stuff

Office storage is a tricky business. Everyone has different needs. The important thing to remember here is that you are not limited by choice! Reputable and affordable office furniture brands have taken it upon themselves to create clever ways to store everything from files, to papers, binders, books, and more. Consider your needs, and decide which office storage device is right for you. Bookcases, mobile office storage carts, and desk pedestals are some of the most popular choices. Thankfully, most manufacturers offer several options in the style of their furniture collections so decor always matches up.

Personalized Pencil Holder

Even if the modern office has tried to go mostly paperless, pens and post-its still remain a pretty common sight. And what better way to organize all these things than with personalized pencil holders and drawers for desk use. For those seeking functionality, retractable trays are always a good go-to. However, for an extra splash of style, and spunky old coffee mug with lots of character is great too. Take your pick, and let the doodling begin!

Cozy Office Chair

And finally, we leave you with the staple ingredient of every good office space. Comfortable, cozy ergonomic chairs for less are always a big plus for the office shopper, and nowadays, they're needed in almost every office. Ergonomic chairs are specially designed to relieve pain, with some models being targeted directly toward specific ailments. Watch for smart features like "tilt tension control," "waterfall seat," and "adjustable lumbar support" for focused pain relief. Choose from stylish brands like Global Total Office, RFM Seating, Eurotech, and Flash Furniture for superior chair variety and versatility in style!

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