Monday, August 25, 2014

Why A Home Office May Be Right For You

It seems like every day brings a new work trend that takes us further away from the past. However, with all the bring your pets to work days, bring your kids to work days, pajama days, and casual fridays, there's definitely a trend to the trends - there's no place like home. Modern workplaces all over the world have been striving to make the working life more accessible, but sometimes it's just impossible to escape the distractions. In today's article, we'll highlight the top reasons why a home office might just be the next big thing!

Best of Both Worlds

Pets, casual clothes, pajamas - there's a reason modern offices allow them once in a while, and that reason is comfort. Working at stylish home office desks rather than an iron office building gives all that and more. In fact, part of the reason modern and open offices have become such a huge trend is because they typically allow more room to be oneself. The casual clothes, personalized spaces, and room to chat with coworkers is supposed to reduce stress so employees can work comfortably. Unfortunately, all the hustle and bustle can be distracting for individuals that need quiet to concentrate. With phones, Skype, FaceTime, and social media sites however, instant contact is a snap. Nowadays, home workers get the peace and quiet they need, and all the coworker contact they want!

Comfortable Environment

For most of us, home is where the heart is, and we're never as comfortable as we are in our own controlled environment. Unlike a public office, at home, you get to decide just about everything to do with the world around you - control that is vital to focus. All too often, public office workers have no control over lighting, noise, chairs and furniture for office use, equipment, office accessories for work and other vital things that could help them work better as individuals. Contrarily, with the kids away at school, most home workers enjoy plenty of quiet time. Surrounded by one's own home office furniture and recliners, they are the captains of their own ships so long as the job gets done.

Save Money, Improve Health!

Commutes, lunches, and snacks can all take a surprisingly large dent out of paychecks. In addition, working under the gun can also inspire poorer health, especially when a quick trip to McDonalds is faster than making a sandwich in the morning. Responsible home office workers on the other hand don't have to have these problems. For most of them, the morning commute merely consists of a few steps. Lunch is as simple as a trip to the refrigerator. With the opportunity to choose better foods from the pantry, shop ergonomic chairs to reduce pain, and take the dog for a 15-minute walk after lunch, home workers have a much better chance to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Forced Responsibility 

For all the benefits a home work life provides, it is not the choice for everyone. This is a lifestyle that requires great personal discipline and accountability. If power goes out, it's still the home worker's responsibility to finish a proposal, even if that means going back to the office building for a day. Being able to call that desk your own comes at a price when your work from the house. For some, it builds great time management and organizational skills. For others, it may just build up courage to confront the boss about adding sound absorbers to the walls - and that's okay too!

Be Yourself

Whether you decide to work at a home or in a building, it's important to find a place that gets you be the best of who you are. If you are responsible, accountable, and focused all on your own, then a home office life may be just the thing to make you shine. Fortunately, some modern workplaces are hipping up to the benefits of a home-work lifestyle, and are striving to make public business life as comfortable as possible. By adding discount modular furniture and sound barriers, along with a mix of team-working open floor plans surrounded by quiet individual work areas, offices everywhere are beginning to meet the needs of everyone. In the end, wherever you work - there's no place like home!
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