Monday, September 15, 2014

Ask These 7 Questions Before Buying A New Conference Table:

 Conference Room Tables

Purchasing a new conference table should be a fun and exciting experience for your business. To get the most out of this process, it's important to ask the essential questions necessary to determine the table that's right for your specific needs. In today's post we'll share the 7 questions any conference table shopper should ask before making a final decision.

1.) What size table is right for my space?

To determine the correct size conference table for your meeting area, you must first obtain accurate dimensions of your space. Start by measuring the perimeter of your conference room. Be sure to notate the electrical outlets, entry ways, and windows. Based on your dimensions, you'll want to select a table that fits accordingly while leaving plenty of room for conference room chairs and accent furniture as well as room to walk around comfortably. Rest assured, a crowded conference room space does not leave an excellent impression on guests!

2.) How many guests do I want to accommodate?

When shopping for conference tables it's important consider how many guests you hope to accommodate comfortably. While the average response is "as many as possible", a simple formula will help you determine how many can sit at a table based on it's size. On average, you'll want to use around 3' of space per person. For example, a 6' conference table will sit 2 users comfortably per side. A 10' conference table will accommodate 3 users comfortably per side, and so on. Be sure to take into account the dimensions of your selected chairs to confirm. In most cases you can also add 2 additional guests at the table ends depending on the shape of table you choose.

3.) What table shapes are best for my area?

Conference and boardroom tables come in a variety of shapes. While smaller meeting areas typically use round and square top tables, larger areas can benefit by using racetrack, boat shaped, elliptical, and rectangular styles. Racetrack tables feature an oval top design (or racetrack shape) that allows users to sit comfortably around the natural curvature of the tables top. Boat shaped tables feature curved sides and square off ends. This style typically used by businesses looking to sit guests at the table ends. Elliptical tables offer a sophisticated modern look that's highlighted by curved ends that come to a point. This style is ideal for contemporary meeting areas and spaces with narrow design characteristics.

4.) What brands offer the best conference tables?

You'll be at no shortage of quality office furniture manufacturers to choose between when shopping for your new conference table. That being said, you can never go wrong with any of the big three! Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all offer excellent conference tables from a variety of full service collections that include the matching accent furniture needed to complete your full boardroom makeover project with a cohesive look.

5.) What should I spend on a new conference table?

It's very important to set a respectable budget for your conference room makeover project. The price of your new table will vary depending on the style, brand, size, and features. Basic 6' conference tables can be purchased for as little as $350.00, while high end wood veneer tables can range well into the thousands. Before starting the shopping process, work with your team to determine a price point your comfortable with. This will prevent falling in love with a table that leaves your business over extended. Be sure to inquire with you dealer of choice about current specials, free shipping, bulk discounts, and coupons for additional savings.

6.) What finish should I choose?

Office furniture finishes like cherry, mahogany, maple, and walnut will always be popular options for the conference room. These classic tones can be used effectively in both modern and traditional meeting environments. In 2014, trending tones like mocha, espresso, gray, and white have burst onto the scene. Those looking to achieve a cutting edge conference room look will want to shop for tables with these hot finish options!

7.) When do I need my table by?

While most brands offer in stock conference room table options that ship within a few business days, others provide made to order products that take several weeks to manufacture. Based on your project completion deadline, inquire with your dealer of choice about which models and brands will be right for you.
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