Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Favorites: Eurotech Wau Chairs

Eurotech Seating Wau ChairsLeave no doubt, Eurotech Wau chairs will have you saying WOW for real! This incredible seating collection offers high quality ergonomic features and modern design characteristics that will earn any work environment an abundance of daily compliments. In today's post, we'll be highlighting the awesome seating solutions from the Wau collection. Enjoy!


Wau series office chairs by Eurotech offer a distinct modern look that's hard to miss. Available in a choice of fully upholstered or all mesh variations, Wau seating is versatile and down right cool. Both high and mid back models are available to meet your individual preferences. Chairs feature rear encasing style frame accents that add to the upscale appeal. This collection gets an A+ in the style department with it's truly unique look. Rest assured, their are no other chairs on the market quite like the Wau!


Eurotech Wau chairs are available in 3 color options. The all black, fully upholstered Wau chair is the most simplified of the bunch and an excellent choice for both home and business work environments. The white frame and charcoal mesh Wau chair is the most popular of the 3 and boasts a cutting edge modern vibe that's really trending in 2014. The black frame and charcoal mesh Wau chair is the best of both worlds and all around great choice for nearly any workplace application.


Ergonomic features for days! Wau chairs are all about improving performance in the workplace. High back models feature an integrated mesh head rest for support during those long work days. All Wau series ergonomic task chairs are standard with adjustable arms and adjustable mechanisms for customizable comfort. The wide 5 star base provides excellent stability for both the all mesh and fully upholstered models. Wau chairs are also lightweight and require minimal effort to glide around the office.


You just can't beat the price point of the Wau seating collection. In this competitive market it's nice to know that brands like Eurotech are still offering high quality desk chairs for shoppers not looking to spend thousands. The all mesh mid back Wau chair comes in at $438.50 while the fully upholstered high back model is slightly more expensive at $464.00. Never the less, you get a lot for your money with a Wau chair. You'll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable and adjustable seating solution at even twice the price.

Final Thoughts

This Fall, the Wau seating collection is sure to find itself amongst the industries big winners. With all the modern seating trends booming this year, the Wau is ahead of the curve. Wau chairs get the job done right on a budget while keeping users supremely comfortable and in style. A+
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